Wednesday, November 10, 2010


3 years ago today, I met Klayre for the first time.. as did everyone else, lol. This was our first picture together! That was the day she stole my heart and wrapped me around her little finger!!

3 years later... this is us a couple days ago making "herbies" in the kitchen. She uses our Mortar & Pestle, a mini whisk and the little tabs off of bread bags to make herbies. We're girls with curls.. don't worry, that will be a title on a layout soon!!

About a year or so ago I found a blog called Nap Time Journal. One of her entrys last March was to a Play Spice Containers for kids. I knew I'd be making them sooner or later! And the time has come!! She has a little retro kitchen that is Red/Black/Silver, so they're not exactly going to match, but she's not going to care!

So, I made her 6 containers of herbies! I made Salt, Paprika, Pepper, Chopped Onion, Basil and Garlic Powder. I used Making Memories Rub-Ons for the words. I made Salt and Pepper in caps because I was going to run out of a's. It turns out I ran out of a's anyway, so for Paprika, I had to cut 2 d's to make a's... shh, don't tell!!

I always like to tie in learning with fun with her, so I put numbers 1-6 on the back.

On the top is a wooden disc and 2 matching buttons. My Mom sealed it with matte clear spray paint today, so the Rub-Ons aren't going anywhere!

Of course there was going to be a card! I used a sketch that I made for the November Card Challenge. You can see it here. Feel free to use it for inspiration but please give credit where it's due, thanks!

I wanted to distress the edges of the purple paper, but since it was a girly card, I didn't want it to look too rough. Another reason why I didn't is because the paper I used is fabric paper. I couldn't even cut it with my paper trimmer. So I went with cutting little slits on the edge, kind of reminded me of gils!

For her Pre-School today, I made cupcakes for all her little friends. I used the cricut to cut out a 3 and used it as a template. I used powdered sugar for the 3 and rolled the edges in little candy sprinkles. We put them in little baggies cause we figured if we gave them to the kids at snack time, they would have never ate their healthy snack!

There was a little problem though... with putting them in the baggies, the oils from frosting sucked the powdered sugar right up and it dissolved! Oh well, what can ya do!! I'm glad I got this photo right after they were done.

These are the little tags I made. Don't you LOVE that font?? Cause I sure do! It's from and it's called Kayleigh.



T, everything is perfect!!!!!! I really love The "Herbies" Jars! They are fantastic!! Can't wait to see the "Girls in curls" lo!!!! HUGS!

nap time journal

Super cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors you chose for your spice containers. THanks for the link back to my place :)

Have a terrific day!

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