Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

It seems I forgot to add a title! I guess it doesn't need one since I didn't even notice it didn't have one until I uploaded it!!

The photo is of my Grandma and Klayre one day at the duck pond feeding the duckies.

Klayre and I went yesterday and we had to get up from sitting on the grass cause literally all the duckies were surrounding us, lol. Then the geese came.. and they're mean, so we threw the rest of the bread and ran to the car. I guess the geese thought it was an invitation to come home with us cause about 5 followed us to the car!! A guy stopped his car next to mine and said "If you just open the backseat, they'll get right in". Silly geese!

Journaling: Great Ga started telling you Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in Las Vegas. You were very excited and listened very carefully to every word. Every time you go to sleep now, you ask to hear it. Since you always listen so carefully, you have a lot of questions each time you hear the story.

Story: "Goldilocks got lost in the woods"
Klayre: "Why did she get lost?"
Answer: "Because her Mommy told her not to go too far (what Mommy tells you), and she didn't listen, so she got lost"
Killed 2 birds with that one!

Story: "She knocked on the door"
Klayre: "Why didn't she just ring the door bell?"
Answer: "They didn't have one"
Klayre: "Does Goldilocks?"

Story: "The 3 Bears weren't home"
Klayre: "Were they picking blueberries on a tractor?"

Story: The 3 Bears were out for a walk in the woods"
Klayre: "Why didn't they just take their car?"

Story: "She went into the living room"
Klayre: "Did she watch TV?"

Story: "She broke baby bears chair"
Klayre: "Why didn't she just sleep on the couch?"

Gotta love her, lol.

For the 3 Bears, I got the idea from the blog Chic' n Scratch. She has a bunch of different animals that you can make out of regular punches.. how fun is that? I made them different sizes and used different papers for their faces.

I wanted to make picture frames like this may be what you see on the wall of the 3 Bears House.

On the paper behind the frames, I printed the 3 Bears story in a little daker ink than the paper and added some distress ink as well.

I gave Mama Bear a little pink bow.

I gave Papa Bear a bow tie.

I had a little bottle for baby bear but forgot to put it on! I'm forgetting everything on this layout!!

I got these little frames YEARS ago at Joanns. I thought they'd be the perfect little touch since the bears were in frames too!



Very cute! I love those little frames! They are perfect for this lo!

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