Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you all are having a lovely day!

Here's my eggs!! I put rubber bands around them and then put them in the dye. I love how they came out!

We had a very yummy brunch at my Sister & Brother in Laws house.

I made the place cards with paint chips! I found it HERE on Pinterest after a friend posted it on Facebook. I then went to 3 different stores to steal paint chips! =]

Look at the cute jewelry I made Klayre out of Jelly Beans! Have left over Jelly Beans? You can find the Pinterest tutorial HERE.

My niece has a cute little retro kitchen and sooo much play found that I thought she needed a grocery bag! I made it out of a Bath & Body Works bag. Instead of Trader Joe's, it's Trader Klayre's!

Here is another Pinterest find! I bought a hard page kids book at our local Thrift Store for $ .25! Then I bought Chalkboard Paint. It's the same price at Joann's as it is at Home Depot, but at Joann's, you can use a 40% of coupon, which takes off $2.80, not too shabby!

I sanded the pages, wiped them off with a damp cloth and spray painted them. One of the pages must not have been dry, cause it stuck together. Instead of starting over, I just put photos on those pages of my niece and all our family.


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