Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Dad's Day!

I usually don't post the Photo Inspiration for the Card Challenge on here, do I? Maybe I'll have to start doing that!! Every month for the card challenge on, we have a category called "Photo Inspiration". It's where I post a picture that I took while I was out and about and you make a card from however the photo inspires you.. it can be color, texture, theme, technique, anything!

I found this chair at Anthropology.. one of my favorite stores to roam around in!! Can you guess how much it costs? This lovely chair could be yours for the low low price of $598!! wowzers.

My boyfriend said "I'll buy it for you for Christmas and for next years Birthday and next years Christmas and the Birthday after that!" lol. I said "Ah, that's okay, a picture is a lot cheaper!!"

On to the card!!

 eek! I looovveee this card, like you wouldn't believe! One, because it came out like it looked in my head and two, because I didn't use a sketch for it.

I don't make male cards very well, so the fact that this is a male card AND I love it is a big thing!

I used stretchy denim that I bought a while ago and tried to make it into a chevron pattern.. this was my 2nd attempt.. the first did not turn out so well!! I splattered paint on the card and on the denim.

 I used some burlap and some screen.. you read it right, screen! I added a couple fun stitches on top of them.

I used October Afternoon's Mini Market Stickers in Teal & Black for the sentiment and stitched that on as well.


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