Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newspaper Flowers Tutorial

Hi everybowy! hehe, everybowy... that's how the baby says everybody, it's the cutest! She always tells us "sing with me everybowy" lol.. we're guessing she gets that from Sesame Street. I don't think she knows theres any other shows on tv besides that one!

Anyway! It's such a nice day today! It's 77 and pretty much exactly like yesterday but not humid, so it's just perfect.. and here I am sitting inside on my laptop, lol. The little was is napping so Auntie is resting too =]

I made another video too! This one is a continuation from my first one where I made Newspaper Flowers. If you missed it, check it out here..



Tarynne, great job on the video! Love your flowers. You sound a lot like my niece. :-)

Tarynne Wise

Thanks so much! How funny. What I sound like on the video and what I hear in my head are totally different, lol, thats for sure! I don't even recognize it on answering machines!


This video didn't show up but I watched the others and they are terrific!!!! Thanks for visiting me! Yes, I live in Redding. How did you know about Shingletown? It's such a "Blink and youv'e missed it town" lol!!!

Tarynne Wise

hm, it shows up for me.. here's the link to it at youtube if you'd like to see! thanks so much!! You're welcome. We used to go to Redding all the time when I was younger, and my parents still do.. we also have property in Palo Cedro. We've been to Shingletown! and Weaverville! Infact when we were there it was 12 degrees, lol. That's cold when you live in southern California!! =]

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