Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sleep vs. Play

Not only did I finish ANOTHER layout, it's a 2 pager! I don't know whats got into me.. but I like it!

So, this one is a complete lift! It's a lift of PamFAU29's "All Boy" layout on Check her layout out! Thanks Pam for the inspiration!
I just love the rub ons I used for the title.. there's a better picture of the other title further down on this post. The rub-ons are by Love Elsie. I bought them at Tuesday Morning. Sometimes they have some good scrap stuff if you just search!! The rub-ons were bundled with super cute alpha stickers, the epoxy circle at the bottom left, with the date on it, and... something else..... what was it.. oh yes, chipboard buttons (by the epoxy circle)! I showed my sister them and she said "aww... I want those!"... and I told her "then it's a good thing that I bought you one" lol.


It all started like this

After waking up from your nap, I went into your room to get you. Only one problem.. I couldn't find you! I searched your room, which you had torn apart just minutes before. I looked in your crib and found "Goodnight Moon", then I spotted your curly hair. It made me laugh because it reminded me of a "Where's Waldo" book!

This is the other 1/2 of "Sleep vs. Play".. it's called "What A Mess". I made a little mistake on the numbers to the right... I was watching TV and copying the paper I wrote it all down on before (that's a must for me.. I will never journal without already writing it out first!!) and copied 4 and 5 onto 4, so I just put it with the 5.


1 You emptied both your shoe & sock drawers. Shoes.. tights.. socks & slippers! 2 You opened your "hanger drawer" and flipped a bunch of toys on their sides. 3 You even managed to opened your Diaper Genie. Luckily, you couldn't get into the bag! 4 & 5 Books were every where too! You tore pages out of a notebook & threw them around your room.

After this, Mama & Dada bought a video monitor, so we can see all the silly things you do when you're supposed to be sleeping!

P.S. - If anyone has any tips for taking straight pictures of 12x12 layouts, please let me know. Is there a trick to it? A trick that I don't know?? lol. I can't ever get them straight, then when I go to crop them, I end up cutting parts off, feel free to share any tips you may have, thanks!


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