Sunday, February 20, 2011

Empty Water Bottle Fight 2010

You wouldn't believe me if you knew what crazies I call my family! A bunch of silliness, all the time. This layout pretty much sums up the silliness that goes on around here, daily.

Speaking of silliness.... never leave a 3 year old in your scraproom with a finished layout. She changed the year to 1200... and said "TT, I decorated it for you". Gotta love her.

This layout is for the "Scraplift the Person before you" Challenge on I lifted Flutterbye's "Those Eyes"

Journaling: On Great Ga's 85th Birthday, you, Papa & Mommy had your own kind of party! It started with one empty water bottle.. then 2.. then there were about 25! Papa sat on the floor while you and Mommy sat on Ga's recliner and had your back to Papa, as a shield. Papa would throw water bottles over the recliner and you & Mommy would throw them back! You were all having such a great time. To think we spend so much time money on buying new exciting toys for you, when all you really needed is an empty water bottle. Or 25!

Every day, I wear a flower in my hair. I have a bunch of headbands with flowers connected to them and some loose flowers that you can attach yourself. I wanted to make a burlap lollipop flower for a headband but had to make sure it would look cute first!



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