Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day today!

I made this coupon book for my boyfriend for Valentines.

The album is a Key Plate Chipboard Album from Basic Grey.

I used "Coups" for 2 reason.. 1 being it's from a Dane Cook skit and my Sis and I say it all the time and 2, I couldn't fit "Coupons" on it. =]

I would love to say that I planned this coupon with this picutre of us on our first date, out to dinner in Pasadena. Yeah... I didn't. Noticed it after I was done! Some things are just meant to be! I know it was only about 6 weeks ago, but we both look so young in this picutre.. it's so weird.

I painted each side with Heidi Grace's paint.. the thing I love about her paint is it all drys glossy.

I stamped this page with paint and bubble wrap. I adore this photo of us.. not only is super cute of both of us, but I look really skinny, lol. I left this blank to write a little note in for him. I used one of my new goodies from Elle's Studio too! I placed clear/red heart epoxy stickers by Heidi Swapp on each date in January we had.

Since we live about an hour away from each other, I thought this would be a great coupon! I got the Basic Grey pearl flourishes from Big Lots.... for $.50!! Seriously? Seriously.

I stamped this one with bubble wrap and paint too, kind of looks like camo with the green and brown.

This picture was taken standing in line for Space Mountain.

At Disneyland California Adventure, I LOOOVVEEE Hollywood Tower of Terror. I thought everyone likes to drop a bunch of floors while in an elevator... no? Just me? I think it's super fun, but Joey does not.

It's all in the details

Years ago, like... maybe 5+ years ago, I saw this in the Uncommon Goods magazine. I decided to make it for Joey.. since, let's face it, I am totally nuts for him!

I went to a local hardware store to search for some nuts and bolts. I went in the isle and was looking around at about eye level.. then I looked down. I literally gasped out loud.. they have a whole isle of LOOSE nuts & bolts. I was like a kid in a candy store!!

Personally, I like mine a lot better than the one in the magazine! Not to mention, he has one that no one else has.. unlike the one in the magazine... who knows how many people have one!

I didn't realize this until my friend Renee told me, but she said the top looks like Mickey ears!

This is the box I started with to put the keychain in.

This is what it ended up as! I used all Bo Bunny products on this.



Gorgeous projects Tarynne. Love that mini book, such a great idea, and a lovely design :) Love that card too :) Thanks for linking these up for my blog candy question :)

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