Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pierce This!

Evening! Or Early Early Morning! =]

I made this layout to document getting my eyebrow pierced. These 3 pictures, that I cut out with deckle scissors have been on a piece of printed paper since I got the pictures back. So I thought I'd do a proper layout of them!!

I got the title from a comedian. I get my inspiration from strange places, I know. lol. A couple weeks ago on a Saturday, Comedy Central had Comedy Central Presents on ALL DAY. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much a comedian for 1/2 an hour doing stand up. Have you heard of Rocky LaPorte? If not, you must check him out. He's HALARIOUS!! Click on his name to go directly to Comedy Central and see his videos.. just keep clicking "next video" and you'll see the whole 1/2 hour. After you watch it... you'll understand my title! If you do watch him, let me know what you think!

I had my Dad watch them when I was drying my hair and I was laughing sooo hard just hearing him laugh like crazy!! No one can crack me up just from lauging like Dad can!! He was the same way with my Aunt Syl.. just thinking about it makes me laugh!

All the paper on this layout is by SEI, their Poppy Collection. LLOOOVVEE this collection. I don't buy many full collections cause there's usually a few that I don't like whatsoever. Not that I need more paper.. ohh that's pictures coming up... you'll see!

I hand cut the flowers and traced a Jenni Bowlin Die Cut Paper - Label. I love the shape but can never find the size of things I want in that shape, so I thought I'd make my own. I used distressed stickles and crackle accents (my favorite!) on the flowers.

To keep my journaling straight, I used a little dotted line stamp and Versamark ink. So I could still see it, but it's not really seen if you're not looking for it. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been even close to straight!! To make the lines straight, I used my Self Healing Mat and my ruler. I lined up the ruler with the markings on my map and left the ruler there while I stamped. I stamped every inch then went back and without the ruler, stamped every 1/2 inch between.

Journaling: By the look on Mom's face, you'd think a stranger was forcing a straight needle through HER face! When you thin of a teenager getting a piercing, you don't think of them taking their Mom with them, except me of course! Mom, Erin & I went to Charlie's after much begging. I'll admit, it hurt much more than I was expecting! It throbbed for a while and was sore for a couple days and never hurt since. I've had all kinds of "eyebrow jewelry". Plastic, stainless steel, a hoop, a regular barbell, dice, thorns, blue, white, black, orange and purple. 3/2002

Like I was saying with Label Die Cut Paper, I love the label/top note shape but can't find it a lot. So, while at our closest scrap store, a 1/2 hour away (We lost both of our store this year, I'm guessing to the economy.) I found a 6x6 template, made by The Crafter's Workshop. You can use spray ink, outline, doodle, put ink on it and stamp with it. It's pretty cool.. this is the "Orchid" one that I got.. this is what the whole thing looks like..

They come in 12x12 templates too!

I used my crackle accents (yes, again!) to use just a little section of the template.


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