Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kraft Cardstock

When I found Kristina Werner's Blog this past year, I fell inlove with Kraft Cardstock. The only problem was I couldn't find it any where locally.. Joann's didn't have it, Michael's didn't, and it wasn't even available at our local scrapbook stores. So, when we were in Temecula, CA in July, we of course had to check out their Joann's too! So Mom and I went with my 2 cousins, Kate and Quinn. Quinny was 2 aisles over when she heard me gasp! I had finally found it! I was soooo beyond excited!! I only bought one pack (still not sure why I only got one was... that's not like me!) and ran out in December. I looked around online, but never ordered any. Last week I finally gave in and bought 5 packs from Stampin' Up! They were $7.50 for 20 sheets. In my book, that's quite pricey! THE VERY NEXT DAY, I went to our Joann's for something, and wouldn't you know... they had it. They were out of 12x12 but I just went yesterday and this is what I saw....

Although I will say.. they are different.


Stampin' Up! Kraft Cardstock

  1. It's $2.50 more for 5 less sheets
  2. It's a soft color of kraft and it's smooth.
  3. Easier to fold and work with
  4. It doesn't warp as easily when you're heat embossing.

Joann's Kraft Cardstock

  1. It's $2.50 less for 5 more sheets
  2. It's more of a rough paper.
  3. Harder to work with
  4. It bends a lot easier when you're heat embossing.

So, it really just depends on your preference I guess. I like both. Maybe I'll make something with both papers on one project? hm. Ideas, Ideas! I will upload 2 cards, one of each in the next couple days.



Tarynne, have you been reading my mind? I was just searching for kraft cardstock at AC Moore, and they don't have it either. I, too, fell in love with it after seeing some pretty terrific cards. It sounds like SU may be worth the extra money. It would be frustrating to finally have the color I want and have the card look cheap because it doesn't fold well. Thanks for doing the research!

Tarynne Wise

I guess I have Pauline! =] The one from Joann's fold alright, I think its just the rough texture of it that makes it seem like it doesn't. If that made any sense, lol. I'm glad you enjoyed this post, it's good to know that this little blog is actually helping others!

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