Saturday, February 13, 2010

..down the hill he goes

For those of you who don't know, we rescued a dog on Christmas Eve named Scruffy. He's a cute little white poodle/terrier mix. (Don't worry, pictures to follow!) Since we got him, when he needs to go to the bathroom, I take him for a walk. 4 walks a day that is.. which is fine, God knows I need the exercise too! I did that cause in our backyard we have a fence and on both sides it's open. There's all kinds of critters down there, especially at night. Just 2 nights ago there was a opossum in the backyard, just strolling along. So last night, at 2am, I was getting ready to go to bed, so I left him out in the back. Dad put two fences where the openings were so he couldn't get down the hill yesterday. Wouldn't you know that little stinker went UNDER it?? I still don't know how he fit! So I'm standing outside thinking "uhhh what do I do now!?" lol. Of course this is also the one time I couldn't find a flash light ANYWHERE! So I quietly snuck into my parents room and got my Dads. Doesn't everyone in Earthquakeville keep one by their bed? No? Just Us? I went back outside... I'm not sure at this point what I thought a flash light was going to do!! Fast forward to an hour later... he's at the top of the right side of the hill. Begging and pleaded is not working. I have the flashlight in one hand, trying to move a gate that's a good 60lbs with the other. He FINALLY comes back up. And this is what he looked like.... keep in mind, it's now 3am...

His face was just soaked!

Nice muddy feet too. At this point there is now mud on my favorite jammies ever (thanks Luci for those!) and my Ohio State sweatshirt.

As I said on my facebook status... no one PLANS to wash their dog at 3am. This was after his bath.. all white and fluffy again!

Tomorrow is his first visit to the Vet.. with me anyway. I hope to God he's been before! I had signed him up for dog training classes, cause this little boy, although cute as a bug, has some manner problems.. not many though. So I signed him up at UNLEASHED. We just got it a couple months ago I believe. It's owned by Petco. I must say, the people that work there are the best.. they're so personable, they actually listen to what you have to say and they're just the nicest. Unlike Petsmart. That was where I went first to check out prices and all. The girl who helped me cost her store $$, I'll tell ya that right now!!

So anyway, I've been trying to get his shot paper since we adopted him. The place where we adopted him, one of the people who either runs it or owns it found him at a shelter, got him to adopt out at their rescue place but instead fell in love with him and he stayed at her house for about a year. She's the one that said "Oh I need to get you his papers"... not me. So when I signed him up a week ago, I called, left a message. The next day I called the store and told them the situation that I signed him up for classes and I had to have his shot papers in hand when I go. They said they'd contact her... nothing. Thursday I called again and talked to her husband and he said she'd call me back at 7:30... again, nothing. So I called today and I'm not one to confront strangers, but at this point I was getting a little mad!! So I called and talked to her husband again and it turns out that he never had his Rabies shot. Ok.... this dog lived at their house for a year, with a 2 year old, and you knew that and never got it? They hold shot clinic at the place I adopted him. So it's not like she never had the chance. Just weird in my book. So we got to the Vet just to have him checked out then at 4 we go there to get his shot. I'll be curious to see if she's there.. since it seems she's been avoiding me this whole time. Couldn't have called me week ago and told me? Something sketchy here.


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