Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family & a Target trip!

This may be one of my favorite layouts I've ever made.. granteed, there's not A LOT to pick from, lol, but I really like this one. I cut the printed paper out... vvverrry carefully. But I'm the type that has a lot of patients with this kind of thing. The type that gets excited when necklaces are tangled together.. so I can try to take them apart! I know I know, that's not healthy =]

I used crackle accents on parts of the flowers... can you see it?

I don't know what it is with small eyelets like this, but I can not set them. I use my crop-a-dile, or crop-a-gator as my sister calls it (it's not cute, she's 28, lol). Anyway, they won't set properly! They're not cheapy ones either, they're Making Memories.. so I'm not sure what the problem is. Around the hole gets all smooshed, so I put some crackle accents on those too, and you can't even tell there was a problem =] Does anyone else have this problem with small eyelets?

This is my new stamp I got at CHA. I stamped it on Kraft Cardstock and cut it out. I embossed "Family" with Copper and used a white gel pen for journaling.

Journaling reads:
Every generation finds out from the next that the way they brought up its kids was all together wrong! Mother's Day 2009

Trip To Target

Today My Grandma took her friend Carolyn, my Mom, my Sis, the little one and I out to lunch at Bob's Big Boy. They all made fun of me cause I ordered Breakfast! Big Boys are delicious but I felt like breakfast!! So what if it was 1:00 in the afternoon, lol. After "lunch", my Sister, the little one and I went to Target. My sister was looking for something so Klayre and I went to the toy section! Klayre's 2 by the way. 2 year old.. toy section, you think this would turn out really bad, right? lol. This little one is so well behaved it just amazes us. My Sister says she'd like to think it's her and my Brother-In-Law's parenting, but she's pretty sure they just got lucky! She says "Bless You", or "Bess You" she says "Thank You", or "Tank You", she says "Please".. or "Pease"! Doesn't say her L's yet!! Anyway, back to Target!

We were walking up and down the isles and this was the convo we had..

Klayre: "TT, yook! I hod pease?"
(TT, look! I hold please?"
TT: Sure, you can hold one, which one would you like to hold?
Klayre:"Dis one!"
... a minute or so passes ...
Klayre: Okay, "I a done"
(Ok, I'm all done)
We keep walking and she finds another and another and another
Klayre: "Hold dis one?"
(Hold this one?)
TT: "Alrighty!"
Klayre: "Can we open dis one TT?"
TT:" No, we can't baby, it's not ours"
Klayre: "Ohhh, okay"...."Buy dis one TT?
TT: "Not today Klayre-A-Bell"
Klayre: "Ohhh, okay... anoder day?"
(oh, okay, another day?)
TT: "Sure, another day we can!"
Klayre: "Okay.. put dis one bat?"
(ok, put this one back?)

now...... my question, what 2 year old does that??? lol. Any other child, 2-11 would be screaming there head off. She amazes me on a daily basis. Today in the car I asked if she wanted something and she said "no tank you" I said "how about this one?" and she said "I don't want that one either" Either? Are you sure you're 2?? lol. Love You Klayre-A-Bellie!



Very pretty. The stitching at the top is a nice touch. I can see the crackle!


My crop-a-dile ALWAYS does that! Okay, not always but every maybe one out of ten and it annoys me. I try not squeezing as hard, or squeezing harder... it just doesn't seem to matter. I don't get it! But I still like it! HA! Your lo is GORGEOUS! I see why it is your new favorite!


Hi! Follower #18 here. As a new blogger, I know how fun it is to watch that # increase. Love your style ... beautiful layout & cards. BTW, I just had a waffle for lunch, so we may be kindred spirits. ;-) In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm going to share a little blogger love & link yours to mine.

Tarynne Wise

Thanks Pauline, I really appreciate it! It is quite fun seeing the number go up.. especially when you start to have followers that you don't actually know! lol. It's exciting!! I've been trying to write everyday or every couple days and keep up with it!! Thanks for visiting!

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