Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our 1st Anniversary!

A year ago on the 8th of January, I met the love of my life. Did I know it was love from the beginning? For sure. In April of last year I wrote Joey, 3 months after meeting him, a loonnng letter telling him how excited I was for our future and how there was no doubt in my mind we'd be together until forever. I gave it to him on the 8th of this year.. Still excited by the way, lol.

This photo is from our first date at The Kitchen in Pasadena. We look so young... it's crazy.

This is from my family's annual Christmas Party... even got a smile out of him, that doesn't happen in photos too often!!

He is sweet enough to save all the cards I make him in a shoe box in his closet. Hey, as long as they're not thrown away!! I made him a gift one time, maybe you remember it... it was made out of a deck of cards and it was 52 songs that made me think about us.. Well, there was no way I was going to let that sit in a shoe box, so I took it back, lol. It's now displayed in my room!

So anyway! I used the Sketch for Submission on Scrapbook News and Review for this month, this is my entry. I always call Joey, Joesteph, so I thought that was fitting!

Boy cards are hard enough for me, but a boy card AND an Anniversary card all in one.. watch out.



Adorable...the card and the story and the pics of you and Joesteph...

Wishing you two many more years of bliss.

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