Monday, August 8, 2011

With All My Heart

Happy Tuesday to you!

It has been quite a month for me and people that I love.

There have been 4 deaths in my life in the 3 weeks, enough is enough already! I had to watch my boyfriend lose his Mom in July, which was probably one of the worst things I'll ever have to witness.

In the past 2 weeks, my Great Aunt, My Grandpa (on my Dad's side), and my cousin, who happens to be my Great Aunt's Son-In-Law have all left us.

My heart hurts for my boyfriend and his siblings and nieces and nephews. I was 8 years old when I lost my Grandpa on my Mom's side, infact yesterday, 8/8, makes 18 years since it happened. Although I was only 8, I remember more than I'd like about it.

My heart also hurts for my cousin, who not only lost her Mom, but her husband as well in 10 days. She has 2 daughters and my heart is just broken for both of them. My heart also hurts for my cousins brother and his family. They are all very close.

My Dad's Mom passed in 2008 and since then my Grandpa has been going downhill. I guess it just happens that way sometimes.

My point from all of that was, my heart is hurting for a lot of loved ones right now and they were all in mind when I made this card.

Any prayers or happy thoughts are much appreciated for any and all, thanks!

So now that I've bummed you out, how about a card? lol.

This card is for 2 challenges. When I made the August Card Challenge categories this month, I picked Sympathy only because when ever you need a Sympathy card, who wants to sit there and make it?

So, this is for theme in the Card Challenge on and for The Paper Variety's Week 45 Challenge - to go circle crazy, and that I did! It's about time I get it posted before the deadline. =]

The circle stamp and the heart stamps were separate G Studio's stamps from the $1 bin at Michael's... love those bins. =] The sentiment stamp is Small Talk from Technique Tuesday.

I also used my new Martha Stewart Ink that Joey bought me! I told him, I don't need shoes, I don't need purses, I just need pretty paper and embellishments!


Lisa P

Tarynne- it hurts my heart to know you are going through such a hard time. I can understand how much grief there is in one death, but to have them pile up. I am praying your heart can heal.

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