Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Do!

 Hello Hello! Happy Tuesday! I have been sick since Wednesday and have been feeling miserable! I went to the doctor on Friday because one, I felt so yucky and two, I was scared it may be the flu and my immune system isn't normal due to chronic pain I've had in both legs since I was 13! So, I wanted to be safe. Thankfully, it was just a Viral Infection. I'm finally feeling almost 100%, thankfully! I haven't been this sick in years.

So, the day before I got sick, I got my hair done! It had to be cut, it was just driving me insane! I don't like when it touches my neck or shoulders and once it gets past a certain length, it just makes me feel uncomfortable! lol. 

I've had the idea since I was about 16, to dye the bottom 2 inches of my hair a bright magenta. I never did it, cause, it's too unlike me! But out of no where, I said lets do it, made the appointment and it's done! And I'm SO glad I decided to do it... I absolutely love it!

Here I am before from the front...

 Here is the back of my hair before we started...

 Here's the front after!

Here's the back after!

I absolutely LOVE it! And it is even... my curls just curl differently!!

What do you think?


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