Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad & Branden!! Ok, so neither one of them read my blog, but I can still wish them a happy day, right? =]

I still have one more card to make for my Brother-In-Law, I've got the idea.. just have to make it!

I wanted to share all the Father's Day Cards I made recently.

The next 2 cards were made for my neighbor, for the Dad's in her life.

I made a slider card, they're so fun to make! If you haven't tried one yet, you must! I used this video on youtube, which I've used before to make this card. It's by Jennifer McGuire with HeroArts.. Stamped Slider Card

You pull the ribbon on the side and this is what it looks like open.

I have an over abundance of Heidi Swapp's Ghost Letters, I've stapled them, painted them, but I thought this time I wanted to leave them alone and tie them together with some thread.

This card is for our neighbors Dad. He is quite a character, so I thought this quote was perfect!

Quote: "Where do Fathers learn all the things they tell their daughters not to do?"

For this card I used youtube again.. this was a video by Dawn, I love her videos! She's so upbeat and cheery and her inscructions couldn't be better! She even gives you all the measurements, which helps oh so much! Dawn's Pop Up Card.

This card is to my Dad from me. I've seen these cards around the scrapbook sites so I thought I'd give it a shot! I again used a youtube video for this one but it was super hard to follow, so I didn't even save it. This was a fun one to make!

This card is for my Grandma to give to my Dad. You guessed it.. another youtube video was used!! This video was hard to follow and no measurements were given, so it made it kind of difficult, but I just went by the pictures. You can see how to make the Two Way Silder Card here.

When you pull the little blue tab, the message appears! Too cute, huh?
{Thanks Tay for the great nail polish!!}

I used Tim Holtz Tea Dye Embossing Powder for the A. However, I didn't use my embossing gun. I used a paint brush to put a thin layer of Glossy Accents then poured the powder over it. I did this one more time and that powder didn't move one bit.

This is another pop up card for my Grandma to give to my Brother-In-Law. It's another Pop Up Card.

I've wanted to use the negative part of a die cut for a while! I love how it looks!


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