Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't tell me that!

Before I share my layout, I wanted to share some cards I made for Operation Write Home. Operation Write Home is an organization that collects handmade cards for the troops. You can either make a card for a soldier, thanking them for all that they do, or you can make a card for them to send home to a loved one. Pretty great idea, don't ya think?

I've decided that for every card I made, I'll also make one for OWH.

This time I went crazy and made 8! I have to get head start, lol. I lifted Kristina Werner's card here.

On to the layout!! I lifted one of my favorite artists on, KariAnn. This is a lift of her layout called "A truly rare moment".

I also did something that I've never done on a layout or card.... sewed with a machine! whhhhat. I've had my eye on the "Pixie" by Singer for a while now. It was at Joann's for $124. So I've been waiting for it to be on sale! Well, I found it at Big Lots for $30... and even better was when I went back today it was on sale for $25! Not too shabby... especially brought down from $124, lol.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but on her left eye, there is a bubble right infront of it. I had to use this photo though.. doesn't it look like shes posing for it?

Klayre: "TT, why is the sun out?"
TT: "Because it's the day time"
{The moon happened to already be out as well}
Klayre: "Why is the moon out?"
TT: "Cause it's almost night time"
Klayre: "Don't tell me that!"

Man that kid is funny!!

Remember the days of "Oh my God, you're going to cut a photo?" Since you get more than just doubles these days, and memory cards are more the norm now, it's not as scary! I used Signo's white gel pen to write on the photo, it was possible, but since it was such a slick surface, you had to go over a lot of it twice.

This is a picture of goodies! You can see my stitching.. yay! I'm so excited about it you have no idea!

The bottom button is from my "cute button stash". What? Doesn't everyone have one?



So awesome that you make so many cards for the soldiers! I have a Pixie but I'm apparently not knowledgable about HOW to thread the sewing machine. Lol! Hope you are better at it than me!!! Yeah for the new purchase!!

Tarynne Wise

Thanks! I can help you if you'd like!! Is it that you don't know how the bobbin thread works?? that was my problem! i'd be happy to try and explain it to ya!

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