Monday, April 5, 2010

You're my cup of tea

All my followers are my cup of tea! I want to thank each of you for visiting my blog!! I hope you all had a great Easter with your friends and family. We had a nice day, although it got a bit shakey at around 3ish. We felt the 7.2 Baja California/Mexicali Earthquake. We didn't feel it bad here, infact I was in the bathroom, cutting my nails and Mom was in the kitchen, cooking and she didn't feel it, until she heard me scream down the hallway "uhhh the earth is moving!!" lol. It was funny too, cause Earthquakes don't scare me. Sure, they get your blood flowing, lol, but they don't scare me, and when it started, I looked down the hallway and thought "Should I run into the other room?" If you're wondering... I ran. I've heard that a doorway isn't the safest place (although here I think it is cause all the Earthquake codes we have). But besides that, it was a good Easter.

We have 3 Easter Egg Hunts. The baby found all of hers, then we hid them again!! Then there was the "big kid" egg hunt. Apparently lying was the theme this year... There were 17 eggs hidden, I had 7, and my sister had 7 and my Brother-In-Law had 1, or so he said! There are tons of places to hide eggs in this house, BUT, after all these years, we know all the hiding spots! So we looked.... and looked..... and looked and nothing. This went on for about 20 minutes. My sis and I counted ours again and we each had 7. So I look at Branden (my Bro-In-Law) and he's holding his basket against his chest, so we can't see in it. So I said "How many does Branden REALLY have??" He had 3! lol. It was quite funny.

On to the good stuff! I made this card for the April Card Challenge on for sketch. Here is the sketch I made... (as you know I use a TON of sketches, so feel free to use this if it gives you some inspiration!)

My Card

I got the background paper from my friend Laurie on Check out her lovely creations in her gallery! She sent me a "goodie bag" if you will. It's funny, she sent me all goodies that I would have personally bought myself.



Such an adorable card!! I miss the card challenge! I need to get back over there because I have only made a few cards this year. Life has just been too busy lately! Glad you survived the earthquake. We luckily missed it since we were in Northern CA. : )

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