Saturday, April 10, 2010

King Arthur's Carrousel

My sister and I got annual passes to Disneyland after our family went for Branden's (My Brother-In-Law) Birthday in November. The little one is still under 3 so she's free! Of course I have yet to scrap ANY of the million pictures I take each time we go! One of my friends on, Laurie, wanted to see some Disney layouts, so I finally made one! There are many more to come!!

My layout is VERY loosely based on Sketch 116 from Sketch Inspiration.

Journaling: You really enjoy the carrousel at Disneyland Klayre! You always like to go on this one and on the fishy one at California Adventure. When we're at home and we go down a hill in the car, you say "It's like the merry go round at Disneyland! Up and down". The last time we went on it, you didn't want to sit on a horse, so we sat on the bench and waved to Mommy each time we went around.

I just looove hand stitched circles! I had planned on putting this journaling under the picture to be hidden, but after I saw how my "regular" journaling looked, I changed my mind!!

Can you see the piece of hair? lol, that does not go there! I didn't notice it until I uploaded my photos.. oh well! Speaking of Laurie, she sent me some goodies with that paper I wrote the date on. Thanks again!! These 3 buttons were in my "special button" section. Yes, I have a special button section!! lol. Doesn't everyone?



Gorgeous colors! Love the stitched circles! I also have a ton of Disneyland pics to scrap but haven't done them. Maybe I will do one now! I have some pictures that I LOVE of my girls on this same carousel. ;) thanks for inspiring me!

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