Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Life - Week 10 - March 5-11

 Here's my week 10! I got my hair done with magenta all around the bottom! On the bottom row, second photo from the left, when I took it, I sent it to the boyfriend and said "Oh my God, I look like my sister!". I sent it to my sister and she couldn't believe it either. She asked my niece who's 5 who it was and she said Mommy! My niece who's 1 1/2 said the same thing! I guess I wasn't the only one who thought it!

For the 4x6 filler card, I used some Little Yellow Bicycle Stamps that I won on Instagram for simply leaving a comment on one of their photos! How awesome is that? You can find the stamp set "Everywhere", HERE. For the top of it, for the days of the week, I used Dear Lizzy's 5th & Frolic roller stamp.

Later in the week I got sick.. I mean really sick. I was miserable.. It's the sickest I've been in a VERY long time. That's what the whole middle row is about! On the left, I used some Jillibean Soup paper and typed all my symptoms on it. I had my daily meal of Airborne and hot water, lemon and honey. I felt so terrible that I went to the doctor. He gave me nose spray, which I've never used before... so that was fun.

The bottom left is a Throw Back Thursday from Instagram! My Daddy & I when I was 3!

Since I was so sick, I decided to stay home from the boyfriends that weekend. My nieces were over playing on Sunday morning and Scruf was watching!

Here's my favorite card for this week!

I found these little baskets at the Goodwill by the boyfriends last weekend. I bought them to sell,  but then I fell in love with them, lol. Nothing weird about that, right?? I got 4 of them for $2.99! I am now using all 4, the last one has all my Colorbox Ink in it now. The rest is my Project Life goodies!

I'm not sure what their baskets were made for... my guess is they were used at a Golfing Range to hold Golf Balls, but I could be wrong!



Sorry you were sick but I love the idea of listing all the symptoms on a PL card ;) My friend Sandi and I started a PL blog and would love if you checked it out and helped us spread the word; we are having a fun giveaway- a BH Blush Kit.


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