Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Life - Week 5 - January 29 to February 4

 The other day, my Mom asked "do you still make cards or is it just Project Life?" lol. I do love Project Life! 

The answer? 95% Project life and 5% cards! Horrible, right? I hope to soon make the 5% higher!!

So here is week 5! Kalleigh and I went to the library for the first time and Mom and I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim, CA. I renewed my Disneyland Pass that day too!

This is my favorite card for this page.. The card is from My Mind's Eye "Collectable" line and the paper is called Memorable Journey Journal Paper. It has a bunch of cute journaling cards that are PERFECT for Project Life!

Don't you love those arrows? It's Arrow Washi Tape from Freckled Fawn, you can find it, HERE.

Here's my second page for Week 5! Mom & I went to dinner in Downtown Disney, Joey & I went to the movies, I didn't cheat food wise on Super Bowl Sunday and we went bowling!

I got the "Movie Night" printable on Rukristin Paper Crafts. You can find it, HERE.

One of my absolute favorite thing to do with Photos in Project Life is to print on photos. I know a lot of people use programs like Picasa BEFORE they print their photos. But, I do mine AFTER

HOW-TO print on a photo OR a card!

  • Use your favorite word program to  type your journaling
  • I like to use the ruler on the program to make sure I'm a little bit under 3 inches
  • Print on regular printer paper
  • Place adhesive at the top of the photo (make sure its at the top so your printer doesn't mess up your card!)
  •  Use a light to line up your photo 
  • Run through your printer again (This part can get a little tricky. Make you when you print your paper the first time, that you see how it prints. I have a roller printer, so when I print I face the photo face down and cause there's a roller, it prints and ends up on the top, face up. I hope that made sense! Try it with a scratch paper until you know for sure!)
  • Tare it off the paper. Don't sit there and try to get the adhesive off while you're taking it off the paper
  • That's it!
 This is my favorite card on this page. Not only because the printing on the photo but the story! I'm not sure if you can read it, but when I was getting ready to take a picture of my empty plate, the waiter (who wasn't even our waiter) came and took my plate! lol. I said "wait, wait, wait!" He laughed and set it back down and said he didn't even see I was taking a picture. It was pretty funny!!


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