Sunday, December 16, 2012

SO busy!

Hello Hello! Sorry for the no posts in over a week! My sister and I have been planning up a storm for my parents surprise vow renewal that happened today!

It was more than perfect. In 1979, they got married in their house, in front of the Christmas tree. My sister and I went to the house, which is literally right around the corner from where we live now and asked if we could have it there. The people who live there now, couldn't have been any nicer. They said of course and they said we could do anything we wanted. Even after it's all said and done, I still can't believe they said yes!

So, I haven't made any cards in over a week! I know.. I can't believe it either!

So, I am going to share some photos from today!! Enjoy! I hope to be back in the swing of things in a couple days.. bare with me!!

Since the house was right around the corner, I made them wear blindfolds! We drove about a bit just to mix them up! I think Dad was enjoying the blindfold a little more than Mom, lol. The string on his broke, so he stuffed them inside his glasses. Does anyone watch Sons of Anarchy? Doesn't he look like Otto like that?

 I now pronounce you The Wise's AGAIN. And, Mom fit in her Wedding Dress!

Here's all of us infront of the Christmas tree! You can't see the tree though!

I made Mom's boquet with wire and buttons! You can barely see Dad's boutonniere with his busy shirt!

Some decoration at the house with 2 of the wedding photos!

 On to the reception at my sisters house! Here's the Hot Chocolate Bar we set up!

Do you know how many doilies I've sewn together? lol. I may have to count, cause it was a TON! I really like how they looked though! 

Our centerpieces are in the picture above. I used fake snow, cinnamon smelling pine cones, frosted branches and branches/pinecone/Christmas decorations! lol. I love how they turned out. Usually projects don't come out the same as they look in my head, but this did and I was so excited that it did!

For the table, I used 3 vintage place mats, fake snow, some more cinnamon smelling pine cones, candles and scrabble tiles saying Love, Marriage, The Wises & We Still Do.

Franciscan China and Mason Jar Glasses... and it works!

 These were are place cards.. I used corks and printed some place cards and stamped around them using Autumn Leaves "Fine & Dandy" Stamps. I found the idea with the corks, HERE.

We blew up (next time, I will use helium, I don't know what I was thinking!) and used Zots the first time and duct tape the second time and some stuff fell. Oh well! Most stayed up the second time around! At the bottom are photos of Mom and Dad. We did 25 all together. I found the balloon idea, HERE.

Ohhh I thought this cake would be the death of me! It was fun to make, but I think I'll stick to paper crafts! lol. It was a Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting! I found the frosting recipe on Pinterest, check it out HERE. So delicious! I also found the patten for the frosting, HERE.

For the cake topper, I used 2 sticks, the kind you use for chocolate molds and such and wrapped it in washi tape! I created little banners that said "We Still Do" and taped them to the sticks.

The last picture of the night!

With that said, I'm off to bed and I can't wait to sleep in! Goodnight... or Good Morning!


Tracy F

Your decorations are beautiful! And how wonderful that you were able to use the same house for their vows! You and your sister are just so sweet to do this for your parents!


What an amazing gift for your parents. Awesome

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