Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joey's Comic Book Wallet

My boyfriend begged me (ok, not really begged... that part was just for Joey!) to make him a Comic Book Wallet. Of course I said it would be no problem!

If you'd like to try a Comic Book Wallet, or for that matter, any kind of DIY wallet, check out the instructions HERE.

You use Iron On Vinyl, which you can find at Joanns. I went in and asked and they said they never heard of it... I went home checked online and went back and found it! lol. I don't know about your Joanns, but for the people that work at ours, it's just a job. They know nothing about anything they carry, it's so frustrating!

So, like I said, you can use anything, paper, material, scrapbook paper, ANYTHING! My Dad asked for a camo one once he saw Joey's wallet.

I had my Mom help me just so I didn't completely screw it up! Irons and I don't mix well. So, we tried a couple practice pieces first and I'm sure glad we did!

First we started on a formica board, using the back, with a towl on top, no good. You could see the texture of the towel. And the iron that we used had the wholes in the bottom for steam, which you could also make out!

So, with another practice piece we used the cutting board with a towel over it and a different iron... still bad.

Next we tried a 15x11 metal first aide kit box and ANOTHER iron which had tiny holes in it! This worked pretty good but not perfectly.

So we were trying to think of what flat surface we could use that wouldn't get ruined by the heat of the iron.. so we used.... OUR FLAT TOP STOVE!!

The stove worked wonderfully! The vinyl didn't have any weird textures in it and looked soooo good. This is when I started getting super excited!

I folded it back up and I decided that I wanted more stitching than just the sides like the directions say.

I went to our Comic Shop and bought one of Joey's favorites.. Captain America. I'll have to go back and show the guy that worked there cause he was amazed by the idea of a comic book wallet!!

The outside....

There's 4 places to put credit cards. You can put more than one in each though.

The inside!

We started making it at 10... and ended at 1:30!

I haven't let it out of my sight all day... I just keep looking at it! I knew it was going to come out cute, but it is way beyond what I thought it would be! Joey better like it.. or else! =]



Looks great! Thank you so much. After you make your Dad's you can make me one featuring another comic book character that I like. =)

Or even better, using an artists work!


Awesome! I'm VERY impressed!! The things we will do for our men! :)

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