Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween + a puncture wound!

Here are some Halloween photos!!

I made a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin... she has a bow on her right ear, can you see it? And I was trying to make a mustache on a pumpkin but it turned out more like a mouth!!

Klayre went as a cowgirl. She also had a rope, a holster and cap gun *this was taken at school, so it was left at home!* She will be 4 next week (did I really just say 4?) and that shirt is 9 months! Makes good 3/4 sleeves though!

This is how she wore her cowgirl hat most of the day at school. It was too cute to correct!

Miss Kalleigh went as a Skeleton!

My puncture wound! On Tuesday, UPS came and I was holding my dogs collar when I opened the door. Scruffy doesn't care for strangers coming from outside, especially men. So the UPS guy said it was heavy and he'd bring it in, stupidly, I said alright. Scruf was barking like crazy and trying to get loose. He turned his head to the left, barked and his teeth went right into my right leg. It was a horrible pain. I've had my fair share of really bad pain and this was definitely high on the list. Now, it's all purple and blue and such. At least they're pretty colors, right? =] It was an accident and all, but you could tell he knew he did something wrong... he kept his distance from me for about a day. So anyway, that's that!


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