Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My No Title Layout... oops!

So, I forgot a title... it happens to the best of us! My layout is already quite busy, so I can't really tell it's missing... maybe that's why I forgot to put it on? Yeah, we'll go with that!

The picture is of Joey & I in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when we went on our cruise in April.

I really like how Joey's arm is cause it makes me look really skinny! lol.

This layout is for the July Scraplift the person before you Challenge. I lifted Lauriep78's "Best Day Ever".

On the last night of the cruise, we went down to get luggage tags, which tell you what time you can leave the ship the following morning. Well, I took 2 of each color to scrap with! Wouldn't you have done the same?? =]

Journaling: We missed our ATV tour because there was a confusion with ship time and local time. I was so bummed that we missed it because I knew how much Joey was looking forward to it. So, instead we walked around a flea market and shopped a bit. It was SO hot! It had to be at least 100 and it was so sticky and humid! After we got back on the ship, we went in the cold pool, which was too cold to go in any other day and it felt awesome!


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