Friday, November 13, 2009

Klayre's 2nd Birthday

I haven't posted in a while.. a LONG while.. so I think it's time!!
My niece turned 2 on the 10th. Happy Birthday Klayre-A-Bellie!! This photo is of my sister and my niece. We had to have her "cake" the day AFTER her birthday cause there were so many presents to open! Instead of a cake, since her name is Klayre, she gets an Eclair. It wasn't nearly as messy as her 1st birthday!!
This is the card that was from me.. it's a biggie, measuring in at 8 1/2 x 11. The inside says "& so does TT".. The little one calls me TT =] I used my new stamp set from Amercian Craft, called Rue. It's such a cute alphabet!
I made this "card" for Klayre, from my Grandma, her Great Grams. She calls her Grea-Ga. For months, when Grea-Ga comes over to see Klayre, she steals her purse before she's all the way in the house. She then takes her wallet out, and takes out all her cards in it. Then one by one puts them back.. then repeat! So I made her a little purse card.

Inside the purse, I made a little wallet. I glued yarn around the edges so it would look more girly.

Then the fun began!! I made her two "Credit Cards".. one says Happy Birthday Klayre and I stamped two on it and the other is where Grea-Ga wrote her message. I made an ID for her on the bottom and put some Klayre stats!! I finished it with a little velcro so it would stay closed.


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