Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Facebook Fan Page!

I finally got my Fan Page up and running this weekend, yay! I'm hoping that it will help increase sales in my Etsy Shop.. I've been told it does that!
Click on the link above to go to my Fan page, and don't forget to fan me!
If you do fan me, and then make a purchase in my Etsy shop, you'll get 10% your final order price. It has no expiration date, so if you fan me now and make your first purchase in 2 months, you'll still get it.
If you refer others to fan me, you'll get a free goodie with your 1st purchase. With every 5 people you refer, you get more free goodies. Who doesn't like discounts and free goodies?? I know I do! Just tell who you refer to leave me a comment on my page telling me who referred them so I can keep track of the free goodies. This discount is only available to people here on blogger!
Benefits of becoming a fan?
  • You'll be the first to know when I've added new items to my Etsy Shop.. first dibs if you will.
  • You'll get updates of new things I'm working on and can be the first to buy.
  • I will have discounts, give aways, and contests for prizes. Again.. who doesn't like free, or at least discounted stuff??
  • You'll get to chat with me personally. If you leave a comment or question, I will be the one to write you back, no one else. <-- My Etsy Shop


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