Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween - Mummy Card!

Exciting news first!! I went to check out The Sweet Stop's sketch for this week and my "Keep Tuggin' Along" Card was one of three cards spotlighted last week! eek! When I saw it, my eyes just about popped out of my head! I can't get the badge to upload though =/

It's almost Halloween time!! I wanted to share a couple of my Halloween costumes from when I was little. I'm lucky enough to not only have one creative parent, but two! So, if you ever wonder where my creativity comes from, it's them! And my Mom's Dad! He used to take a block of wood and carve something out of it. We have a lot of his wood carvings around our house.

From all this creativeness in one house, we always had homemade Halloween costumes. I honestly can't remember even one Halloween, even as a teenager, that we bought a costume.

This is when I was 3 I believe! McDonald's Fries! The fries are made from foam! See the clip in my hair? It says "BOO!" on it. My niece now wears them in her hair!

Who doesn't like Donuts? My favorite, even to this day are any with sprinkles! This costume was made with an inter tube, felt and neon colored straws for sprinkles! See my shirt and my bow? Homemade as well!

I've seen cards like this before, but I got my inspiration from For the aging on the "gauze", I used Distressed Ink in Tea Dye & Vintage Photo.


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