Sunday, February 20, 2011

Empty Water Bottle Fight 2010

You wouldn't believe me if you knew what crazies I call my family! A bunch of silliness, all the time. This layout pretty much sums up the silliness that goes on around here, daily.

Speaking of silliness.... never leave a 3 year old in your scraproom with a finished layout. She changed the year to 1200... and said "TT, I decorated it for you". Gotta love her.

This layout is for the "Scraplift the Person before you" Challenge on I lifted Flutterbye's "Those Eyes"

Journaling: On Great Ga's 85th Birthday, you, Papa & Mommy had your own kind of party! It started with one empty water bottle.. then 2.. then there were about 25! Papa sat on the floor while you and Mommy sat on Ga's recliner and had your back to Papa, as a shield. Papa would throw water bottles over the recliner and you & Mommy would throw them back! You were all having such a great time. To think we spend so much time money on buying new exciting toys for you, when all you really needed is an empty water bottle. Or 25!

Every day, I wear a flower in my hair. I have a bunch of headbands with flowers connected to them and some loose flowers that you can attach yourself. I wanted to make a burlap lollipop flower for a headband but had to make sure it would look cute first!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Countless little ways

I made this card for ColourQ #72.

When I was younger, I loved primary color. Now, I do not! So I thought I'd challenge myself not only to the ColourQ challenge but to make a boy card as well.

Quote: May your precious little baby boy,
Fill your lives with happy days,
In so many new and special,
countless little ways.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day today!

I made this coupon book for my boyfriend for Valentines.

The album is a Key Plate Chipboard Album from Basic Grey.

I used "Coups" for 2 reason.. 1 being it's from a Dane Cook skit and my Sis and I say it all the time and 2, I couldn't fit "Coupons" on it. =]

I would love to say that I planned this coupon with this picutre of us on our first date, out to dinner in Pasadena. Yeah... I didn't. Noticed it after I was done! Some things are just meant to be! I know it was only about 6 weeks ago, but we both look so young in this picutre.. it's so weird.

I painted each side with Heidi Grace's paint.. the thing I love about her paint is it all drys glossy.

I stamped this page with paint and bubble wrap. I adore this photo of us.. not only is super cute of both of us, but I look really skinny, lol. I left this blank to write a little note in for him. I used one of my new goodies from Elle's Studio too! I placed clear/red heart epoxy stickers by Heidi Swapp on each date in January we had.

Since we live about an hour away from each other, I thought this would be a great coupon! I got the Basic Grey pearl flourishes from Big Lots.... for $.50!! Seriously? Seriously.

I stamped this one with bubble wrap and paint too, kind of looks like camo with the green and brown.

This picture was taken standing in line for Space Mountain.

At Disneyland California Adventure, I LOOOVVEEE Hollywood Tower of Terror. I thought everyone likes to drop a bunch of floors while in an elevator... no? Just me? I think it's super fun, but Joey does not.

It's all in the details

Years ago, like... maybe 5+ years ago, I saw this in the Uncommon Goods magazine. I decided to make it for Joey.. since, let's face it, I am totally nuts for him!

I went to a local hardware store to search for some nuts and bolts. I went in the isle and was looking around at about eye level.. then I looked down. I literally gasped out loud.. they have a whole isle of LOOSE nuts & bolts. I was like a kid in a candy store!!

Personally, I like mine a lot better than the one in the magazine! Not to mention, he has one that no one else has.. unlike the one in the magazine... who knows how many people have one!

I didn't realize this until my friend Renee told me, but she said the top looks like Mickey ears!

This is the box I started with to put the keychain in.

This is what it ended up as! I used all Bo Bunny products on this.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cards for Kids

A couple months ago I participated in Jennifer McGuire's "Cards for Kids" card drive. If you haven't heard of it, make sure you go check out her blog and learn more about it. Basically she collects cards for ill children, most terminally ill. You can also send cards to their parents and siblings (which is what I'll be doing next round). I forgot to take a picture of the cards before I put them in the envelope, but I used the joke "why was 6 afraid of 7" on the front =]

If that isn't enough for you to want to make a card for these kids (which it totally is!), there's also prizes. Somehow I won one, lol. I wont $25 credit to Elle's Studio.

Do you know how long I've had Elle's Studio saved in my favorites? And on my Etsy? Since forever ago! So, I was extremely excited. Not only that, but I got to pick what I wanted, how great is that?! So this is what I picked!!

I have no words! These are SO cute!

I love lists like this, can't wait to use them!!

As cute as these look on the computer.. it's no comparision to how cute they are in person.

Thank you Elle!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Party Time

I made this card for the February Card Challenge for the Lift category. This month we lifted Lweber1234's "Deepest Sympathy" Card.

Yes.. I put party hats on them!! How couldn't I with that sentiment?

This green ribbon started out about 3/4 inch long. I cut off both sides then frayed the edges.

I'm not sure why, but I really wanted to do stitching on this card, so I stamped first, then punched holes with a needle and then stitched with a light grey thread.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You make my heart explode with happiness.

Ever feel like your heart is going to explode from happiness? Mine has a million times in the last month.. love it! This is a mini card, only 3x3!

I made the TNT with a G Studio Stamp, some letter beads and some bakers twine. That little button on the heart is itsy bitsy!

I received a Halloween kit a couple weeks ago from one of the challenges I won and these rub-ons were in it. They're Hambly Screen Print Rub-Ons. I love them! They don't leave that film around the edges like regular Rub-Ons and they leave a glossy finish to them, they look very much like vinyl.

February Sketch

Here's the sketch I made for the February Card Challenge on for the sketch category. Feel free to use it for inspiration but please give credit where it's due!

I made 2 cards with this sketch, a little different from each other, but not much.

I've had this crab epoxy sticker for a while and knew what sentiment I wanted to use and finally got around to using it!!

Is he not the cutest?

I used put some white magic mesh on top of my grey patterned paper.

This is my 2nd card with the same sketch.

I love this quote.. "Take time to enjoy the simple things in life". Not many people do that too often anymore. We're all so concered with our e-mail, texts, recorded tv, blogs... I'm just saying! =] Have you ever you REALLY stopped to smell the roses?

Pretty much just lifted the patterned papers up and moved the sentiment over and added some ribbon & buttons. Yet, it's not too big of a difference that you can't still see the sketch it in.