Saturday, February 27, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

We got our delivery of Girl Scout cookies on Thursday... for a house that does Weight Watcher, we still order them?? lol. I went to the grocery store last night and as I parked I saw the mob of Girl Scouts in front of the door. So I purposely parked at the other entrance! When I came out I was bombarded by 6 of them all asking the same question.. if I wanted to buy some.

Sooo, my question to you is, what is your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie? And were you ever a Girl Scout/Brownie/Daisy?

Even though I'm allergic to coconut (not the type of allergic that I get hives or my throat swells, but it does something to my intestines.. more than you ever needed to know about me, huh?) my favorite are the Samoas! Tagalongs are the 2rd runners up!

I was a Daisy, then a Brownie, but never a Girl Scout. Me and all the girls I was in it with (most to who I still speak to) quit after Brownies. Thought we were too old for it I guess?? I don't really remember!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Design Teams...dun dun dun

Aside from Skydiving and losing weight, there was one more "must do" on my 2010 list. The last one was to get on a design team. I follow probably 15 sketch blogs, both card and layout, and 2 of them are have Design Team Calls. So, I'm applying for both. Better chances, right? lol. The two blogs that are having calls are 365 Cards, which you've heard me talk about a bazillion times, lol and Twisted Sketches. I've never participated at Twisted Sketches, just "stalked" their page if you will! =]

So, I wanted to share with you guys the cards I made for the calls.

For Twisted Sketches, you were to make a card from their sketch they gave. The twist is "Transparent".. whichever way that word moves you to create.

The Sketch

I made 2 cards but didn't like how the first one photographed, so I made another. Here's the first one.... "Girl Talk".. excuse my hand, but with a clear card, when there's writing on the inside paper, it just looks goofy in a picture, so I was keeping it closed for the picture. =]

There's those cute felt flowers from K & Co.'s Berry Sweet collection again!

And then this is the one I entered as my submission..

Ohhh how I love this card! The circle is a transparency and I hand stitched the stitching around the circle. This was given to a friend that I've known since kindergarden, who's having her first baby in March. When she opened it, she said "this is going in a frame in his room". What an amazing feeling that is! As of right now, I'm "in" 3 babies rooms in a frame!! Yay!

This is the sketch for 365 Cards Design Team Call...

This is what I came up with..

This was my first time using StazOn ink. I used it on a ghost shape... love how it looks!

Wish me luck!! Cross your fingers and your toes.. and anything else you've got! Thanks!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 353

This is for Audrey's Sketch at 365 Cards, Day 353.

Here's her sketch...
Here's my card...

When I saw the Lemonade collection by Basic Grey when it came out I knew some day it would be in my hot little hands! The colors and designs are so pretty! I have a layout in the making that I'm using it on with one of the baby's photos.

The yellow background paper is from Basic Grey's Orgins collection.

The owl is from K & Co.'s Berry Sweet chipboard. It already had glitter and googley eyes on it!

Day 352

I made this card for Gloria's Sketch on 365 Cards, for Day 352.

Here's her sketch...

Here's my card..

I used paper the Berry Sweet collection from K & Company. It's fun bright girly colors with some cute designs.. flowers, butterflies, hearts, fruits, owls, rainbows, unicorns, fishies and sock monkeys, all in one pack! I bought these felt flowers first, then bought the paper pack and the chipboard..... lol.

I made a tiny little sentiment and put some twine around the ribbon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kraft Cardstock

When I found Kristina Werner's Blog this past year, I fell inlove with Kraft Cardstock. The only problem was I couldn't find it any where locally.. Joann's didn't have it, Michael's didn't, and it wasn't even available at our local scrapbook stores. So, when we were in Temecula, CA in July, we of course had to check out their Joann's too! So Mom and I went with my 2 cousins, Kate and Quinn. Quinny was 2 aisles over when she heard me gasp! I had finally found it! I was soooo beyond excited!! I only bought one pack (still not sure why I only got one was... that's not like me!) and ran out in December. I looked around online, but never ordered any. Last week I finally gave in and bought 5 packs from Stampin' Up! They were $7.50 for 20 sheets. In my book, that's quite pricey! THE VERY NEXT DAY, I went to our Joann's for something, and wouldn't you know... they had it. They were out of 12x12 but I just went yesterday and this is what I saw....

Although I will say.. they are different.


Stampin' Up! Kraft Cardstock

  1. It's $2.50 more for 5 less sheets
  2. It's a soft color of kraft and it's smooth.
  3. Easier to fold and work with
  4. It doesn't warp as easily when you're heat embossing.

Joann's Kraft Cardstock

  1. It's $2.50 less for 5 more sheets
  2. It's more of a rough paper.
  3. Harder to work with
  4. It bends a lot easier when you're heat embossing.

So, it really just depends on your preference I guess. I like both. Maybe I'll make something with both papers on one project? hm. Ideas, Ideas! I will upload 2 cards, one of each in the next couple days.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pierce This!

Evening! Or Early Early Morning! =]

I made this layout to document getting my eyebrow pierced. These 3 pictures, that I cut out with deckle scissors have been on a piece of printed paper since I got the pictures back. So I thought I'd do a proper layout of them!!

I got the title from a comedian. I get my inspiration from strange places, I know. lol. A couple weeks ago on a Saturday, Comedy Central had Comedy Central Presents on ALL DAY. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much a comedian for 1/2 an hour doing stand up. Have you heard of Rocky LaPorte? If not, you must check him out. He's HALARIOUS!! Click on his name to go directly to Comedy Central and see his videos.. just keep clicking "next video" and you'll see the whole 1/2 hour. After you watch it... you'll understand my title! If you do watch him, let me know what you think!

I had my Dad watch them when I was drying my hair and I was laughing sooo hard just hearing him laugh like crazy!! No one can crack me up just from lauging like Dad can!! He was the same way with my Aunt Syl.. just thinking about it makes me laugh!

All the paper on this layout is by SEI, their Poppy Collection. LLOOOVVEE this collection. I don't buy many full collections cause there's usually a few that I don't like whatsoever. Not that I need more paper.. ohh that's pictures coming up... you'll see!

I hand cut the flowers and traced a Jenni Bowlin Die Cut Paper - Label. I love the shape but can never find the size of things I want in that shape, so I thought I'd make my own. I used distressed stickles and crackle accents (my favorite!) on the flowers.

To keep my journaling straight, I used a little dotted line stamp and Versamark ink. So I could still see it, but it's not really seen if you're not looking for it. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been even close to straight!! To make the lines straight, I used my Self Healing Mat and my ruler. I lined up the ruler with the markings on my map and left the ruler there while I stamped. I stamped every inch then went back and without the ruler, stamped every 1/2 inch between.

Journaling: By the look on Mom's face, you'd think a stranger was forcing a straight needle through HER face! When you thin of a teenager getting a piercing, you don't think of them taking their Mom with them, except me of course! Mom, Erin & I went to Charlie's after much begging. I'll admit, it hurt much more than I was expecting! It throbbed for a while and was sore for a couple days and never hurt since. I've had all kinds of "eyebrow jewelry". Plastic, stainless steel, a hoop, a regular barbell, dice, thorns, blue, white, black, orange and purple. 3/2002

Like I was saying with Label Die Cut Paper, I love the label/top note shape but can't find it a lot. So, while at our closest scrap store, a 1/2 hour away (We lost both of our store this year, I'm guessing to the economy.) I found a 6x6 template, made by The Crafter's Workshop. You can use spray ink, outline, doodle, put ink on it and stamp with it. It's pretty cool.. this is the "Orchid" one that I got.. this is what the whole thing looks like..

They come in 12x12 templates too!

I used my crackle accents (yes, again!) to use just a little section of the template.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Good Sense Of Direction

I made this card for Day #349 at 365 Cards. The challenge was "A Good Sense Of Direction".. Something that has to do with direction - think about words like here or there, North, South, East, and West. Or maybe use a symbol or two, like an arrow. Here's what I came up with...

My cousin in Ohio brought me a magnet that said "Where the hell is Easy Street?" Little did she know... we actually have an Easy St. here, hehe.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happily Ever After

I made this card for Caardvarks challenge this week. To make your best Wedding Card. I don't really like how mine turned out. I should have left the background white, it looks a little too tye die for my taste!! But, enjoy anyway!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope you all have a lovely day!!
Enjoy this sweet video! This is my niece singing "Elmo's World"... then she just mouths it, lol. Don't forget to pause my music player at the bottom of my blog so you can hear this goofball!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

..down the hill he goes

For those of you who don't know, we rescued a dog on Christmas Eve named Scruffy. He's a cute little white poodle/terrier mix. (Don't worry, pictures to follow!) Since we got him, when he needs to go to the bathroom, I take him for a walk. 4 walks a day that is.. which is fine, God knows I need the exercise too! I did that cause in our backyard we have a fence and on both sides it's open. There's all kinds of critters down there, especially at night. Just 2 nights ago there was a opossum in the backyard, just strolling along. So last night, at 2am, I was getting ready to go to bed, so I left him out in the back. Dad put two fences where the openings were so he couldn't get down the hill yesterday. Wouldn't you know that little stinker went UNDER it?? I still don't know how he fit! So I'm standing outside thinking "uhhh what do I do now!?" lol. Of course this is also the one time I couldn't find a flash light ANYWHERE! So I quietly snuck into my parents room and got my Dads. Doesn't everyone in Earthquakeville keep one by their bed? No? Just Us? I went back outside... I'm not sure at this point what I thought a flash light was going to do!! Fast forward to an hour later... he's at the top of the right side of the hill. Begging and pleaded is not working. I have the flashlight in one hand, trying to move a gate that's a good 60lbs with the other. He FINALLY comes back up. And this is what he looked like.... keep in mind, it's now 3am...

His face was just soaked!

Nice muddy feet too. At this point there is now mud on my favorite jammies ever (thanks Luci for those!) and my Ohio State sweatshirt.

As I said on my facebook status... no one PLANS to wash their dog at 3am. This was after his bath.. all white and fluffy again!

Tomorrow is his first visit to the Vet.. with me anyway. I hope to God he's been before! I had signed him up for dog training classes, cause this little boy, although cute as a bug, has some manner problems.. not many though. So I signed him up at UNLEASHED. We just got it a couple months ago I believe. It's owned by Petco. I must say, the people that work there are the best.. they're so personable, they actually listen to what you have to say and they're just the nicest. Unlike Petsmart. That was where I went first to check out prices and all. The girl who helped me cost her store $$, I'll tell ya that right now!!

So anyway, I've been trying to get his shot paper since we adopted him. The place where we adopted him, one of the people who either runs it or owns it found him at a shelter, got him to adopt out at their rescue place but instead fell in love with him and he stayed at her house for about a year. She's the one that said "Oh I need to get you his papers"... not me. So when I signed him up a week ago, I called, left a message. The next day I called the store and told them the situation that I signed him up for classes and I had to have his shot papers in hand when I go. They said they'd contact her... nothing. Thursday I called again and talked to her husband and he said she'd call me back at 7:30... again, nothing. So I called today and I'm not one to confront strangers, but at this point I was getting a little mad!! So I called and talked to her husband again and it turns out that he never had his Rabies shot. Ok.... this dog lived at their house for a year, with a 2 year old, and you knew that and never got it? They hold shot clinic at the place I adopted him. So it's not like she never had the chance. Just weird in my book. So we got to the Vet just to have him checked out then at 4 we go there to get his shot. I'll be curious to see if she's there.. since it seems she's been avoiding me this whole time. Couldn't have called me week ago and told me? Something sketchy here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You make me smle all over my face

Don't you just love that quote? I saw it in a stamp set at Joann's, it's by a 5 year old I believe. One night when the little one was at our house, we were making some jewelry. The jewelry was made out of perm rods =] You can see her necklace in the picture on the left!! We wanted to get a picture of her new bling, so she sat down with Papa and my sister said "Klayre, smile!"... little did we know this is what she was going to do! lol. She just has the best smile!! I apologize for this horrible photo! With the embossing and photos it was hard to take a photo of it.

This layout was made for Capture These Sketches - #3 - Dopey

How can you look at this picture and not start laughing yourself?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Layout!!

Do you guys like my new layout? I thought I'd decorate for Valentine's Day =]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family & a Target trip!

This may be one of my favorite layouts I've ever made.. granteed, there's not A LOT to pick from, lol, but I really like this one. I cut the printed paper out... vvverrry carefully. But I'm the type that has a lot of patients with this kind of thing. The type that gets excited when necklaces are tangled together.. so I can try to take them apart! I know I know, that's not healthy =]

I used crackle accents on parts of the flowers... can you see it?

I don't know what it is with small eyelets like this, but I can not set them. I use my crop-a-dile, or crop-a-gator as my sister calls it (it's not cute, she's 28, lol). Anyway, they won't set properly! They're not cheapy ones either, they're Making Memories.. so I'm not sure what the problem is. Around the hole gets all smooshed, so I put some crackle accents on those too, and you can't even tell there was a problem =] Does anyone else have this problem with small eyelets?

This is my new stamp I got at CHA. I stamped it on Kraft Cardstock and cut it out. I embossed "Family" with Copper and used a white gel pen for journaling.

Journaling reads:
Every generation finds out from the next that the way they brought up its kids was all together wrong! Mother's Day 2009

Trip To Target

Today My Grandma took her friend Carolyn, my Mom, my Sis, the little one and I out to lunch at Bob's Big Boy. They all made fun of me cause I ordered Breakfast! Big Boys are delicious but I felt like breakfast!! So what if it was 1:00 in the afternoon, lol. After "lunch", my Sister, the little one and I went to Target. My sister was looking for something so Klayre and I went to the toy section! Klayre's 2 by the way. 2 year old.. toy section, you think this would turn out really bad, right? lol. This little one is so well behaved it just amazes us. My Sister says she'd like to think it's her and my Brother-In-Law's parenting, but she's pretty sure they just got lucky! She says "Bless You", or "Bess You" she says "Thank You", or "Tank You", she says "Please".. or "Pease"! Doesn't say her L's yet!! Anyway, back to Target!

We were walking up and down the isles and this was the convo we had..

Klayre: "TT, yook! I hod pease?"
(TT, look! I hold please?"
TT: Sure, you can hold one, which one would you like to hold?
Klayre:"Dis one!"
... a minute or so passes ...
Klayre: Okay, "I a done"
(Ok, I'm all done)
We keep walking and she finds another and another and another
Klayre: "Hold dis one?"
(Hold this one?)
TT: "Alrighty!"
Klayre: "Can we open dis one TT?"
TT:" No, we can't baby, it's not ours"
Klayre: "Ohhh, okay"...."Buy dis one TT?
TT: "Not today Klayre-A-Bell"
Klayre: "Ohhh, okay... anoder day?"
(oh, okay, another day?)
TT: "Sure, another day we can!"
Klayre: "Okay.. put dis one bat?"
(ok, put this one back?)

now...... my question, what 2 year old does that??? lol. Any other child, 2-11 would be screaming there head off. She amazes me on a daily basis. Today in the car I asked if she wanted something and she said "no tank you" I said "how about this one?" and she said "I don't want that one either" Either? Are you sure you're 2?? lol. Love You Klayre-A-Bellie!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marsha's Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday to Marsha! So far in sending out Birthday Cards, just this year I am already 0/2 getting them out on time! This is the card I made for Marsha (RN2007 on It is also for Day 330 on 365 Cards.