Monday, March 23, 2009


In February of 2007 we had 5 pets.. 2 Dogs, 2 Cats and a Bird. 2 Years later and we don't have any.

The first one to leave us was Alee. She was an Airedale.. not a popular breed, but oh so cute! She kinda looked like Alf. We got her a couple months after the Earthquake in '94. At first she wasn't an indoor pup, but as the years went on, she made her way inside, full time! She had many medical problems, mostly with mammory glands in her tummy. In the summer of 2003, she started sleeping in my room. From then on she was glued to my hip. God for bid I left the room to use the bathroom, she'd lay outside the bathroom door. She was 13 and started slowing down.. she passed in the living room with us around her. That day I couldn't stand to be in the living room.. there was such a calm feeling in our house.. it was horrible.

Gracee decided to join Alee about 5 months later.. the day before Halloween. We adopted Gracee back in 2001 from a Pet Store.. and were told she was the same age as Al. We think she was a mix of yorkie and something else, but we're not sure what. She was 10lbs! Had the cutest little belly ever! She didn't like our cats.. but learned to get along with them, for the most part. When we first got her, we learned she could smile. She'd throw her head back and show her teeth. She loved snuggling up on the couch and especially under my sisters bed. She'd scratch on the back door to go outside and once she was out, she stayed for a long time.. she liked to sunbathe! And even more than sunbathing.. she LOVED baths. After her bath, I'd dry her hair and she'd prance/run down the hallway and find Mom to show off her new do.


In the middle of February, our cat Britnee decided it was her time too. She was such a fluffball.. a white cat with a grey tail and perfect pink nose. She weighed an ounce soaking wet. She was ALL fur! She loved being pet. She's "kneed" you with her paws which was painful since she wasn't declawed! We got her in '89 or '90, so she also left us because of old age. In the last couple years of her life, she started sleeping in the 1950's washer we have.. she just loved it in there!
Mr. Howie
About a week later, our cockateil, Mr. Howie left us too. He was a yellow and white bird wtih rosy red cheeks! We got him in '99. He whistled so many songs.. and also said "Pretty Boy", "Pretty Bird" and "Hi Mr. Howie". You had to listen close, but he sure said it. He used to wear Barbie sunglasses! He'd keep them on for the longest time. He also loved baths in his water, especially right after he'd get clean water.

On March 14th, our last pet, Punkin decided to join them. Mom came into the house and Punkin was running around as usual.. 10 minutes later she came back in, and she was already gone.. it was that sudden. She was a calico cat, still small with a kitten face, but a super long tail! She kind of grew into it! She was such a strange cat.. she'd run from room to room for no reason, sliding across the floor in the process. She like Britnee, loved sleeping on Mom.. sometimes both of them would be up there at once. When we'd be getting ready to go to bed.. heading down the hall way, she could be asleep in the living room and she'd beat Mom to bed. She liked being pet.. but only on her terms! She thought she was an outdoor cat as well as indoor. I can't even tell you how many times she pushed the back screen open with her little paw. We spent a lot of nights with flash lights searching for her. Luckily we always found her or she came back before we did. She would squeek... if you held her too long or too tight, she'd squeek. She loved to play.. just like a kitten. The more you'd bug her, the more she wanted to play. A goof ball, but great cat!!
The day after Punkin passed, there was that calm feeling in our house again.

It's too calm.