Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me... organizing?? whhaattt.

I don't know what got into me but I've been organizing like crazy!
First, I must explain some of the background in this photo! lol. The mannequin legs... for those of you who don't know me personally, I've had a leg problem since I was 13. My parents go back to Ohio every year and they asked what I wanted. I said "new legs please!" Ask and you shall receive!

At CHA, a booth was selling ribbon and this is how they had it all hung... with shower curtain hooks! The round ones could work just as well! I bought 2 3M hooks, the kind you can put up anywhere and take off any time without hurting the surface you put them on. I used a spring rod (I have no idea what it's really called, lol sorry!) and placed the hooks on it. When I need a ribbon, I take it down, since I had to put it pretty high on my wall cause I'm running out of room!

This is my 2nd organizing project! I bought a 3 inch binder and a box of transparencies. I used a 3 whole punch on the transparencies and on some white 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. I taped the front of the stamp transparencies (that has what the stamp looks like in a color) on the front of the transparency and placed the stamps on the back. Then place another transparency on the back and put the white piece of cardstock behind the 2nd transparency so I could see the stamps.

I of course STAMPED the side label!

These are 2 pages, all the other aren't this full, trust me!

These are the labels I made to make sections in my stamp binder. I used the Fabulous Finds Cartridge for the cricut. Those are also some of my favorite brads! I bought this paper cause I thought it would be so cute as a skirt, lol. A pencil skirt! Ohhh man that would be cute!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Storm Watch 2010!

Every year when it rains, or almost rains, every news channel has "STORM WATCH", what seems like all day! It just has to sprinkle and we're on storm watch! On Tuesday, it was actually raining and I wanted to go for a walk. About 2 weeks ago I started going on a 45 minute to an hour walk every other day. I usually take Scruffy with me, but since it was raining, it was just me! Mom and Dad told me that I should wait until it stopped raining to go. I told them "It's just water!" lol, am I wrong? I had an umbrella, I wasn't going to melt! So I went our normal route and as I was going up the hill I spotted a rainbow! So of course, I snapped some pictures! What makes it even more fun is that a couple days before my niece, Klayre, who LOVES Sesame Street, just watched an episode about rainbows. So I was more excited that she'd get to see the pictures, since she was napping at the time!!

CHA or bust!!

This weekend was CHA in Anaheim, California. My Mom, Sister, Niece and I went today! I was AWESOME! Such an exciting event. Sadly, Tim Holtz was not there. Well, he was, but only teaching classes, so I didn't get to meet him! But I had a blast anyway! This is a picture of all of us!! Klayre had just woke up from her nap, otherwise, she'd be cheesin' it up for the camera!
I can see the stripe top was a bad idea, LOL. I just loved it though! You wouldn't think I lived in Southern California with glow in the dark white arms like that, would ya? =]

I did 2 make and takes. This is my first make and take EVER in my life! =] It's a little journal. I made it at The Art Bar booth, with liquid laminate and specialty tissue paper.

This was my 2nd, and last make and take. It wasn't in any booth, just a counter for them.

My Goodies!

There's a couple things I don't have seperate photos of... first is the shaped paper on the left. It's by Fancy Pants - Vintage Valentine - Ledger/Floral Bracket. In the back on the right is The Poppy Collection by SEI, looove it! I also got a Singo white gel pen. On the right next to one of the Design Runner disks is a free sample I got. It was from Dillon's Laser Designs. You put a photo behind it and it looks like you cut the photo into little pieces. They have a whole bunch of different laser cut pages too. Check out there site! Or you can be like me and do it the difficult way... cut a 4x6 photo every 1/2 inch and put a pop dot on the back of each one..... =]

Behind those are 4 6x6 pieces of chipboard that I got at The Red Bee booth. I'm not sure what they're going to be yet..... lol, but probably mini albums of some sort!

I got 3 6X6 paper backs from Basic Grey. I got Orgins, Eskimo Kisses & Lemonade.

My Favorite paper from each stack...

Eskimo Kisses
*these are TOTALLY my colors*
I got a Xyron Design Runner for Christmas. Infact it was from a complete stranger on She found one at a thrift store, for a dollar and never used it and asked me if I'd like it. At Joann's there only 3 different disks, so when I saw these at the Scrapbook Corner booth, for $15 dollars cheaper, I HAD to have them!

Scrapworks Collection 1 & 2
Ballerina Font

I honestly had some sort of sickness. I seem to only buy date, journaling or alphabet stamps! I added more to my collection that day, from the Technique Tuesday booth.

Is this journaling spot not the cutest?!

At The Red Bee booth, stickles were 6 for $11. I didn't have any Distress stickles, so I mostly got those. I have never had a red stickles, so I got that one too.


I'm participating in Mel's inchie swap on and got a chance to make my first inchies. Man are they small! But I enjoyed making them!! I used Core'dination cardstock and Inkadinkado's Birds Galore Stamp set for both the flowers (it was part of a bird stamp, but I just used the flowers) and the birds. I embossed them and used stickles and sepia glossy accents on them. The word stamps are KI Memories, verbology.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I made this card for Day 319 at 365 Cards. The challenge was to create a card that would be perfect for a teenage girl. I took the best friend route! What teenage girl doesn't have a best friend, or multiple for that matter! =] The bff is stamps from KI Memories, not sure of the font name, but isn't it too cute?! I stamped it on black cardstock with versamark and embossed it with silver and cut it out. The rest of the stamps on the grey cardstock are KI Memories except for the "Best Friends".

Now on to the fun part.. the flower! I will make a tutorial on it soon. It didn't start out as a flower.. I was planning on just making a strip of it to go across my card. Infact it was for Day 322, but it changed while I was making it! I gathered the brown, burlap looking, 1 1/2 inch ribbon and used sewing pins to keep it secure while i hand stitched the pink and white checkered ribbon on to it. Iput a button i the middle so the bff would stand out. Although I must say, the center looked really neat! I'll show you on my tutorial.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Park, Toby Keith & Frozen Yo Yo

Yummy Yogurt

I made this layout for a sketch challenge blog but have no idea what blog it was! I used Urban Prarie by Basic Grey and the owl scallop edge is from Hog Heavan by Sassafras Lass. This was the first time I used Thickers.. they didn't stick too well though, but I got them at Big Lots, so I can't complain for $1! I absolutely LOVE how the stitched circle came out, I will be doing that again!!

Journaling: Klayre was tasting yogurt with Mama and Auntie! March 23, 09

@ the Park

This is my favorite layout that I've ever made. Granted I haven't made a lot, lol, only 10 in 2009 if you can believe that! But I adore this one. The photos are of my Dad and my niece, Klayre when we went to the park one day while my sister was tutoring. All I really did on this page was tape my photos together on the back, measured and matted it with a purple paper (look close, it's there!) Then with an exacto knife I cut around the flowers that over lap the photos. After finishing that, I knew I wanted to journal, but had no where to put it! So I journaled around the edge. I figured that since the photos weren't too detailed, it wouldn't be too much. I painted the @ white and then used white glitter on top of it. I painted the p,a,r & k lavender with 3 dots of stickles on each and painted a glossy top coat over it.

Journaling: You, Papa and I went to the park one afternoon because you wanted to play on the swing set. You started crying when Papa started pushing you.. so much for the swings! You absolutely loved jumping on the bridge that moved. You tried jumping on other parts of the jungle gym, but they didn't move. You were very excited to go down the slides. You went down all 3 slides.. including the HUGE twisty one. You and Papa climbed all the way to the top. When you got to the bottom of the big twisty slide, you had the most terrified look on your face! Before I could say anything, you said "I okay, I okay"! That was the last slide you went down the rest of the day! We met Ga at a second park, which you enjoyed just as much! You loved to climb up and down and up and down and up and down! I think the stairs were secretly your favorite thing @ the Parks! 12.16.2009 ((She calls my Mom, Ga, since she can't say Gammie yet!))

How do you like me now?

This layout was made for a Shape Your Photos Challenge on I'm still not too sure what that shape is called, the only thing that I've seen it called is a "label". But I love the shape! I've seen the folded paper technique (that can't be the technical term!) done on layouts and wanted to try it. I distressed the edges and used a red stitching rub-on over the top.. yup, it's not real stitching!! Rub-Ons from K&Co. (stitches), Bo Bunny (bottom right swirlys), and 3Birds (the "label" with the date in it). Type writer key is 7 Gypsies.

Journaling: One week while we were camping at Doheny Beach we heard some exciting news! On the radio we heard that Toby Keith was about a half an hour away doing a signing. We went back and forth all day, then at about 6p.m., Mom and I decided to go! This just happened to be right after the whole thing happened with Peter Jennings. He wouldn't let Toby Keith the song "Courtesy of The Red, White & Blue" because it said "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way." So, while standing in line, I asked Mom to write on the back of my shirt and put "Peter Jennings Sucks!" They were taking CD covers and said repeatedly that they were the only things he'd be signing, nothing else. When it was our turn, we stood in front of him and I said I wanted to show him my shirt. There were two HUGE bodyguards next to him and they were telling me I couldn't. I turned around and wouldn't you know, he stood up, leaned across the table and signed my shirt! The shirt hangs in my closet still and has not been washed to this day! Mom and I took a picture with Toby Keith's bus and of his license plate too. As we were going to our car we spotted Shawn Parr. At the time, he worked for KZLA 93.9 and is the announcer of all the award shows. We started talking with him and he also signed my shirt. He asked us where we were from and we told him and told him we were camping near by. He then proceeded to take out his cell phone and called Dad! We had been talking to Dad on and off all night, so he almost answered the phone.. (title) how do you like me now?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tea Pots & No Whit? No Whit!

This card is for Day 320 at 365 Cards... to be inspired by the theme of a Tea Party. This is a 2fer.. it's also for #75 of Color Throwdown. I created this little tea pot by printing clipart and piecing it all back together. I embossed the "Tea Time" and the background.

I used nickel colored eyelets and twine on the edge.

I made an insert to hold 2 tea bags. This card is going to my cousin Denise and I accidently ripped the paper, so that's where the "d" tab comes into play!!

I wanted to share this photo of my niece playing with her tea set tonight. When she got the Sock Monkey Tea Set for Christmas, she was asking everyone if they wanted some. Of course I had to be difficult and say "no thank you, but can I have a decaf coffee, no whip?" Any words that end in "p", "k" or "d", it sounds like a "t" when she says them. So she said "TT, no whit?" Now, even when you said you DO want whit, she says "no whit, no whit??" lol.

An actual conversation....

My sister: Can I have tea, with whit?

(we now call it whit too!)

My niece: tea? no whit?

My sister: No, I do want whit!

My niece: no whit? Mama, no whit? no whit?

Valentine's Goodies

A couple months back I saw a video on by a lady named Dawn Griffith. I love watching her videos, she's so energetic! I got both of these ideas from her. I added both of these items to My Etsy Shop and priced them higher than I usually would. I did this because I will donate the money from both of these items to The American Red Cross to help with the devistation in Haiti. It's not much, but it's something.

Anything I sell from now until Valentine's Day will go to The Red Cross as well!

Here's the goodies...
Sweetart Lollipops

Fun Dips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 318 & The top 3!!

First, the EXCITING news!! My love birds card made it on the top 3 this week @ Cards 365!! I can't even explain how excited I was when I read Rose's comment congratulating me! My first thought was.. "maybe she clicked on the wrong blog?" lol. It gives a total boost of confidence, I'll tell ya that!
I made this card a couple days ago for the January Card Challenge on that I'm hosting and it happens to fit Day 318 on Cards 365, to put a house on your card. I really like this card. When I saw the paper at the store, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. This was the first card I used my new Xyron Design Runner on too. That's one funny little machine!! I stamped the diamond pattern with VersaMark and used clear embossing powder on the green cardstock.

I also made this one for the card challenge as well and it's another house one to share! I'm really proud of this one because it's very much out of my comfort zone. If you look at my cards, you'll notice I usually have paper/embellishments from one end of the card to the other. This one I kept really simple and I love how it turned out.

Tomorrow, or later today I should say... I'll be uploading some layouts I did recently!!