Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sweat Shop

So I finally took a picture of my bedroom/scraproom. I like to say that my scraproom just happens to have a bed in it, hehe.

This is my desk. Don't let me fool you, my desk is NEVER this clean! I got that Making Memories self healing mat at a "scrapbook garage sale" when our Local Scrap Store went out of business. Not bad for $5!! I always make sure to have a notepad by me when I'm scrapping, there always seem to be measurements I need to remember.

This is my newest goodie! I wanted the Making Memories Carousels, but when I was at Michael's I saw this one as well as the other. I liked this one better. Only bad thing was that I didn't go there looking for this, so I didn't have a coupon with me!! Oh well. Still love it!

Just like this shot so I'd thought I'd share!

There are some differences in the carousels. The Making Memories one has these drawers on each side.

Mine also has a side to put scissors, or anything really!

And look at these cute little hangers!

This is my little cabinet! A $2 find at a garage sale. Before I took it apart, it had a bear on the front of the cabinet door, fishing. Which is why I took off the door =] It holds some of my inks, all my stickles and mediums and all my embossing powder.

This is to the bottom left of my desk. It holds a basket of all different adhesives, all my small embellishements, an art kit, tags, files, a basket of photos and other art supplies.

This is on the top of the picture above. It's two of those cube things from Target. I just laid them on their sides instead. It holds my envelopes, all my electronic directions and cords, photo paper, a light, books, my colored pencils and all my cricut cartridges.. (and some of my sisters too... shh, don't tell her!!)

Like the little ones painting?! It was done with the Color Wonder Paint.. that stuff is too cool!! It only shows up on the paper.... brillant Crayola!!

All my organized small embellishments!

This is my white wall unit that I got years and year ago at Ikea. I always wanted to get rid of it, but I'm glad I didn't. It holds...... well, everything else I haven't mentioned yet!

This is how I store my finished cards, so it's easy to take to craft shows when I do them.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Again? Really?

Yes... I changed my background again! Still trying to find one that I absolutely LOVE. How cute is this one? It's from The Cutest Blog On The Block. You must check them out, if you haven't already!! There's some super cute backgrounds, for all occasions. They even have banners and buttons to match the layouts.

I'm writing to you from the more comfy bed ever made, lol. My sister and brother in law took a weekend trip, so we're watching the mini one for 3 days... ohhh what fun we're having! We ran through the spinklers today! Well, I did. She kind of ran AROUND it. I have a cute video to share soon too!

So anyway, they said we could sleep in my bed, they put clean sheets on and everything. I knew how comfy their bed was from all Klayre's nap times... hey, an Auntie has to nap too!

I better get to sleep cause even thought that little one played in her crib until 11, (she could entertain herself for hours!) she WILL be up soon. And I can't be sleepy today cause we're going to the duck pond =] Nighty Night!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keep it Simple!

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

I want Sushi. It has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day or today's post... just thought I'd let ya know! It just sounds so good right now! I'm thinking about actually getting some..... hm.

I wanted to make a simple card, it was harder than I thought! lol, I wanted to keep adding stuff. So this is what I came up with, and it's not even for any challenges, if you can believe that one!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I know just how lucky I am

This is a lift from one of my favorite's on by Michelle GA. It's her layout called, "Can I help you Daddy?" Be sure to check out her blog Michelle's blog. I just love her design, I knew I'd be lifting it someday!

Journaling: Did you know all Aunties don't live down the street from their nieces? It's unheard of! I couldn't imagine not living so close to you, Mom & Dad. I miss you when I don't see you for a day. I couldn't stand having to go months at a time without seeing you. I know that one day will come when we won't all be this lucky, but until then you'll remind me just how lucky I am.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Tweet Home

Don't you just love that birdcage? It's from Heidi Grace and comes with about 5 other cute birds and birdcages.

The little birdie was already pink but I added some distressed stickles on top for some sparkle.

Thanks Amanda for the ribbon!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bridal Tea

A couple day ago I told you I was making a friends friends Bridal Shower Invitations.. I think this may be the final product! Luci (my friend) still has to look at them, but my guess is she'll love it!! The middle insert comes out and has all the shower information on it.

This card looks nothing like the idea I had in my head. I tried it.. tried some other ones, and it just wasn't feeling right, so I changed my idea completely, still keeping the details I wanted and this is what I came up with. I think my favorite part is the scallop edge.. because it reminds me of a fancy table cloth!

This week at The Pink Elephant, the challenge is to make an invitation.. good timing or what!

There is a tutorial on Splitcoaststampers of how to make this Pocket Card, it's super easy to make!! It only looks like you spent hours making it!!

I of course used pop dots on the label and the tea cup.. I seem to use pop dots on every project I made these days.. I just love them.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Wish

I made this layout for the Pattern Paper every which way Challenge by Shannon Tidwell. It's a free monthy class over at Two Peas. This month's challenge was to use strips of paper.

I made a frame with 1/2 inch papers and used other strips for my journaling. The song is a Rascal Flatts song, "My Wish".

Journaling" My Wish for you is that this life brings all that you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worrys stay small, and that you never need to carry more than you can hold.

I used brushed copper brads so it would look like a real frame with nails. I only have them on 3 corners.. did you notice that? It was a little boo boo. I adhered it before I figured out where the chipboard would go... so once it was down and the chipboard didn't cover it... I just left it.
For my chipboard, I used $1 store chipboard. I painted them with liquid pearls, covered it with glitter, then used Sepia Accents on top.

This was the finished project.. I love how it came out!

Sleep vs. Play

Not only did I finish ANOTHER layout, it's a 2 pager! I don't know whats got into me.. but I like it!

So, this one is a complete lift! It's a lift of PamFAU29's "All Boy" layout on Check her layout out! Thanks Pam for the inspiration!
I just love the rub ons I used for the title.. there's a better picture of the other title further down on this post. The rub-ons are by Love Elsie. I bought them at Tuesday Morning. Sometimes they have some good scrap stuff if you just search!! The rub-ons were bundled with super cute alpha stickers, the epoxy circle at the bottom left, with the date on it, and... something else..... what was it.. oh yes, chipboard buttons (by the epoxy circle)! I showed my sister them and she said "aww... I want those!"... and I told her "then it's a good thing that I bought you one" lol.


It all started like this

After waking up from your nap, I went into your room to get you. Only one problem.. I couldn't find you! I searched your room, which you had torn apart just minutes before. I looked in your crib and found "Goodnight Moon", then I spotted your curly hair. It made me laugh because it reminded me of a "Where's Waldo" book!

This is the other 1/2 of "Sleep vs. Play".. it's called "What A Mess". I made a little mistake on the numbers to the right... I was watching TV and copying the paper I wrote it all down on before (that's a must for me.. I will never journal without already writing it out first!!) and copied 4 and 5 onto 4, so I just put it with the 5.


1 You emptied both your shoe & sock drawers. Shoes.. tights.. socks & slippers! 2 You opened your "hanger drawer" and flipped a bunch of toys on their sides. 3 You even managed to opened your Diaper Genie. Luckily, you couldn't get into the bag! 4 & 5 Books were every where too! You tore pages out of a notebook & threw them around your room.

After this, Mama & Dada bought a video monitor, so we can see all the silly things you do when you're supposed to be sleeping!

P.S. - If anyone has any tips for taking straight pictures of 12x12 layouts, please let me know. Is there a trick to it? A trick that I don't know?? lol. I can't ever get them straight, then when I go to crop them, I end up cutting parts off, feel free to share any tips you may have, thanks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6 & a color challenge

365 Cards has started over! So, here's day 6, to create a stamped image using more than one color of ink, before it's stamped. This is also for the March Card Challenge, for color, to use 60% green and some white.

How cute is the background paper!? That's Basic Grey's "Nook & Pantry". I ordered a few paper for a friend's friend's Bridal Shower invitations. I'm helping with a whole bunch of other thing for it too.. we went shopping today, it was pretty fun shopping and not spending a cent of my own money! Tomorrow we start assembling the favors and the rest of the goodies! Pictures to follow, of course!

Bring On the Cards!

It's hard to think of a title when every post is about cards, lol!

I made this card for our next door neighbor, he was turning 6 and since he didn't want any girls at his Batman Birthday Party, so they had us over for dinner the night before.

Here's the card I made him... stamping on black cardstock with silver, the embossing powder was sticking, even though I used my embossing buddy. Sooo, I had the bright idea of pouring the powder off over Batman. Which is why he looks speckled!

I made this next card for the March Card Challenge on I'm hosting this month, and the bonus challenge was to make a card using only stamps and one embellishment. The only paper you could have was the base of your card.

Don't you LOVE (no pun intended) the alphabet stamps? That's another problem I have.. I can not pass up a cute alphabet stamp set! A regular set, sure, of course, but not an alphabet!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, Scruf (or Cussfy as my niece calls him! Weird part is... he answers to it!) got his shot and I think maybe the lady was actually just really busy. She cried when she saw him cause she was so happy he had a happy home. Turns out when he was a puppy, when they got him, he almost died, she nursed him back to health then a year later had to get rid of him cause one of her big dogs turned on him.

There starting a new puppy class on the 13th, so I'm signing him up!

I didn't get on the 365 Design Team, but that's ok! I still get to play along with the awesome challenges everyday. Even if I don't play along, I look everyday to see what the challenge is, lol, and always think "ohh that's a good one!" =]

Still waiting patiently for Twisted Sketches. It says it should be up by the weekend, so keep those fingers crossed please!!

I'm actually working on a 2 page layout right now. I can count on 1 hand how many 2 pagers I've done!

Later tonight I'm going to add pictures of my scraproom! I like to say it's a scrapbook, it just happens to have a bed in it!! Well, it's kind of true! So, stay tuned!