Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sweat Shop

So I finally took a picture of my bedroom/scraproom. I like to say that my scraproom just happens to have a bed in it, hehe.

This is my desk. Don't let me fool you, my desk is NEVER this clean! I got that Making Memories self healing mat at a "scrapbook garage sale" when our Local Scrap Store went out of business. Not bad for $5!! I always make sure to have a notepad by me when I'm scrapping, there always seem to be measurements I need to remember.

This is my newest goodie! I wanted the Making Memories Carousels, but when I was at Michael's I saw this one as well as the other. I liked this one better. Only bad thing was that I didn't go there looking for this, so I didn't have a coupon with me!! Oh well. Still love it!

Just like this shot so I'd thought I'd share!

There are some differences in the carousels. The Making Memories one has these drawers on each side.

Mine also has a side to put scissors, or anything really!

And look at these cute little hangers!

This is my little cabinet! A $2 find at a garage sale. Before I took it apart, it had a bear on the front of the cabinet door, fishing. Which is why I took off the door =] It holds some of my inks, all my stickles and mediums and all my embossing powder.

This is to the bottom left of my desk. It holds a basket of all different adhesives, all my small embellishements, an art kit, tags, files, a basket of photos and other art supplies.

This is on the top of the picture above. It's two of those cube things from Target. I just laid them on their sides instead. It holds my envelopes, all my electronic directions and cords, photo paper, a light, books, my colored pencils and all my cricut cartridges.. (and some of my sisters too... shh, don't tell her!!)

Like the little ones painting?! It was done with the Color Wonder Paint.. that stuff is too cool!! It only shows up on the paper.... brillant Crayola!!

All my organized small embellishments!

This is my white wall unit that I got years and year ago at Ikea. I always wanted to get rid of it, but I'm glad I didn't. It holds...... well, everything else I haven't mentioned yet!

This is how I store my finished cards, so it's easy to take to craft shows when I do them.



Hey, Tarynne. What a fun & interesting post. I always love to see how other people store their paper crafting goodies (and what they have, of course). The one thing I didn't see (maybe I missed it) is how you store your cardstock & patterned paper. Personally, I have a ridiculous amount of it, even though I've only bought a few sheets in the past year. Aside from that, I'd say my next 2 vices would be ribbon & flowers.

Tarynne Wise

Thanks Pauline! I store my patterned paper, well stacks anyway, in my white wall unit, the first photo. As for my loose patterned paper and cardstock, it's in a craft storage container. Those pictures are coming soon!!

I don't have many flowers, but I seperate the small ones in empty pill bottles. As for ribbon, I did a post on it, check this one out, it's a great way to store it!!

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