Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Well Soon

If I told you how long I've had those flowers, you may stop reading my blog right this minute and never look back! My guess is... 5+ years. But aren't they cute?!

I used Technique's Tuesday "Small Talk" for the sentiment. I've had that stamp set for a couple of years but use it more than any other set I have. I got the pink flourish pearls at Big Lots of all places!

The threads of friendship

For this card, I first made the zipper flower first, then worked around it! For the flower, I cut about a 10 inch length of zipper. I then ran a stitch on the edge and cinched it, then coiled it up and sewed the layers together. Make sure to use the same color thread, or close to it, so you don't see it!

fonts used: Needlepoint & Covered by Grace found on

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Girl Card

I made this card for City Crafter Challenge Blog #50, where you have to incorporate babies, buttons and bows.

I will be becoming an Auntie again in July, so I was all for it! They find out what they're having on the 28th, and my sister will where either a pink or blue shirt on the 29th. I made my card a baby girl card... wishful thinking!

I used this cute baby banner from Basic Grey. I cut out the triangles instead of using the whole stamp because I wanted to handstich the top part of the banner.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wtf + a card sketch!

Hello there! I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!
I wanted to make a card you don't see everyday and I came up with this one! First of all, this card is not made to offend anyone and if it does offend you, I apoligize!

We've all thought these letter, or better yet, the words more than once! Heck, I've thought them more than one just today.

I based my card off the sketch I made for the March Card Challenge on Ok, so really I based the sketch off my card, lol, but same difference!

Feel free to use my sketch for your personal use, but please give credit where it's due, thanks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Klayre vs. Eclair

I made this layout for Prompt #24 at Scrap that Baby!

I also lifted Peenut 23's "My Guy" layout on

Journaling: Even before you were born, Papa would say "On her first Birthday, I'm going to buy her an eclair." So, that's just what he did. You're now almost 3 1/2 and you've never had Birthday cake for your own Birthday! You really went to town on that eclair! It was all over your face, your arms, up to your elbows, your bib, your highchair, your tray, up your nose and just about every where else!!

My Mom always makes fun of when I hand stitch =] Could be cause I could use my little sewing machine, but that would be way too easy! I love the look of hand stitching though!

When I was at my boyfriend's house one day, before he was even my boyfriend.. I saw these pins sitting on his record player. I was eyeing them, for sure! I said So.... "Whatcha gunna do with these?" lol and he said "Why, do you want to use them from scrapbooking?" Oh how well he knows me!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry I'm Late

A week without a post?! I can't have that =] So, I'm sorry I'm late!

I made this card a couple weeks ago for a blog challenge, but I never had time to post it and even though I normally write down what challenges it's for, this time I didn't. Sooo, this is not my design, but I can't tell you whos it is either, oops!

I made this card to be a belated Birthday card. The inside says: "How do you expect me to remember your Birthday when you never look any older?"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amazed by You

This is one of those "I want to use certain products but have no clue what I want the card to look like" card. =]

I adore these top note die cuts. I have a cricut, but I don't know of a cartridge that has this shape on it, so I bought them on Etsy from Scrapbits.

Have you ever used Hambly rub-ons? They're my most favorite, ever. It doesn't have that flim around them like other rub-ons do. It also looks more like vinyl that a rub-on.

Even though my Dad thought these were cow pies, they're flowers =] Although, I can totally see it, lol. I made these flowers our of black streamers. I cut about 1ft. length and glued it and rolled it, length wise. Starting with the middle, I coiled it around itself until I made a circle, tucked the end under and added a 1/2 pearl in the middle!