Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I swear my niece is the goofiest little girl I've met. EVER. Today a truck drove by and she said "That's a UESPS truck TT"... and it wasn't even a UPS truck, lol.

I made this layout for's "Scraplift the Person Before You Challenge". I lifted Ms. Schwiet's "Family".

Journaling: Klayre, you’re such a poser! It all started when you & Mommy were having a dance party and she told you to “Vogue“. It then turned into “striking a pose”. You LOVE to strike a pose! You strike a pose while eating at the dinner table, taking a bath, in the car, at the grocery store.. anywhere! You have so many poses, you change Your arms, your eyes and your mouth to create a different one. But one thing is the same about each pose, they all make us laugh!

I made this flower by cutting out circles of fabric and folding them into 4th. I used Glue Dots to stick them together.

I stamped white flourishes with Color Box's "Frost White".

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

For the circle/flower, I used my Cricut and my Mini Monograms cartridge. I cut it at 4 in. and it was a little too small to lay where I wanted it. So, what I did was cut both the circle and scalloped circle in 1/2 and adhered them on the back of the "Happy Birthday" paper.

I'm not sure what this ribbon type stuff is called, but I love the look of it!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank You - kindle style & a mini card album!

Last weekend, my boyfriend told me he had a surprise for me tomorrow, but he didn't have it with him.. which made no sense until my dog, Scruffy went crazy cause someone knocked on the door. There was a package.... to me, from Amazon.. I thought what did I order? And when did I order it? lol. Then it all clicked. And it was a kindle!! Holy canoli!

So, for his Thank You card, I recreated a kindle =] My kind is under the card. Infact, when I was getting the stickers out for the "Thank You", both kindles were next to each other and I picked up the real one.

I made this for the Card Play Challenge in the Moxie Fab World, go check out the challenge to get lots of inspiration to use cards in your projects!

I used Heidi Swapp's "Ghost hearts, covered one in her tape and the other in white puffy paint.

I used my clicky label maker for the title and little scrabble tiles for the rest.

Of course they're not all the same, Some are right in the center, some are higher, lower and all that jazz =]

This by Darius Rucker

Forever & Ever, Amen - Randy Travis

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HAPPY Birthday

I lifted this card from the blog "Lime Doodle". I loved the design and needed to make a Birthday card, so it was perfect for that.

This is for the September Card Challenge on, for theme, which is Birthday.

Basic Grey's Recess Nanoset Alphabet Stickers.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and picked up Sally Hansen's "Crackle" Topcoat. It comes in many different colors. I picked black, cause it could go with any color. It says you should use Sally Hansen for the color under it as well, but I don't think you have to. But, for my first time using it, I did. I really like how it looks... maybe with white underneath next time!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wall Art!

Every time I see canvas, I want to paint on it. The only problem is... I can't paint anything, lol. Same goes for drawing... my cats always look like elephants, my dogs always look like hippos. Couldn't draw to save my life... keep that in mind if we ever play Pictionary together!

Speaking of games... have you heard of Apples to Apples?

If not, you MUST buy it, yes, must! I first played it at my boyfriends brother's house with their family, when they explained it I said "wait, what??", so we played and it's super easy to catch on to.. this game will keep you laughing for hours. My boyfriend bought me the To-Go version, which is the same as the regular, just a smaller box with a handle! They also have...


Back to the canvas! So, I saw something on Pinterest, with puffy paint and canvas but I went in a totally different direction than I was going to with that. I still used puffy paint, but just for some texture.

I bought 3, 11x14 canvas' at Big Lots for $4 each. They also had 3, 8 1/2 x 11 for $3, but it wasn't stretched around wood, so I didn't know how I'd hang them! They had 12x12 for $6 also.

I absolutely LOVE how they came out!
  • I painted each canvas in Aquamarine Acrylic Paint by Apple Barrel.
  • I then painted the edges in Turquoise Acrylic Paint by Folk Art and randomly painted spots on the front of each canvas.
  • I used a circle punch to punch 12 circles that are, 2 1/2 inches I believe. Then I placed them on the painted canvas and traced around them with a pencil.
  • I "mapped" out on a piece of paper of what color I wanted where. I knew I wanted brown, white and to use Crackle Accents.
  • I painted the colors, in Maple Syrup by Folk Art, Bark by Heidi Swapp (the brown glossy circles), a mixture of colors for the crackle circles and Warm White under the puffy paint, which was Tulip Slick, in White.
  • Next, I sprayed Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist in Dragonfly.
  • Lastly, I used Crackle Accents on the "mixed together" circles.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I finally finished my room! I took a bunch of photos, enjoy!

My desk. The first time my boyfriend came over, he said "I've never seen that kind of computer" I said "that's probably cause it's a tv". lol.

The wall above my desk.

This is on top of the cubes to the left of my desk.



I bought this at a garage sale years ago and never used it.

This is the 1st shelf of my wall unit. That jewelry box holds small eyelets and a bunch of Heidi Swapp ghost products.

2nd shelf.

This shelf holds all my stacks.

I made labels and attached them to a 12x12 piece of cardstock. Much easier to find than without labels, let me tell ya!

3rd shelf.

My "computer desk".


AFTER! This is my $20 estate sale find! I told my Mom, if it wasn't that color, I probably wouldn't even have noticed it. I don't get much light in my room from outside anyway, so I didn't mind putting it infront of my window. And, besides that, there was no other place for it to go!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grams!

This Saturday will be my Grandma's 86th Birthday. I made her this card and it's for a bunch of challenges!
The Paper Variety is also celebrating their one year blogiversary! They're having a huge celebration on Wednesday, the 7th, make sure to check it out!
  • - September Card Challenge - Theme - Birthday
  • - September Card Challenge - Sketch
Here is the sketch I made for the card challenge. Feel free to use it, but please give credit as I created it all by my lonesome! =]