Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You For The Refferal Cards

I got an order from a hair stylist who wanted "Thank You for the Referral" Cards. Cute idea right? You can't find those in stores! =] I couldn't find any hair paper I liked so I came up with these two.
This one I'm calling The Retro Hair Cut. I just love her bangs!

This one I just love! I think because I don't think I can draw, and I drew it myself =] I used wire for the cord and made a little plug!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Cabbage Flowers!!

I've seen these kind of flowers many times. They're getting more popular now. I remember my Mom having them painted on her shirt when I was little. So, they're by no means new! =] I've wanted to make them for a while, so this was my first batch. Most all of them are made out of scraps from other projects.

In their new home!

These are my favorites from this batch!
My absolute favs are the top middle and the bottom left!!

Button Blooms!

During a stacked flower swap last year I was in the button category and came up with these little critters. I hadn't made any since last year around this time, so this was pretty fun to do!

Sitting in their new home!

These are my favorite blooms from this bunch.

My Tuesday Morning Finds... on a Thursday!

I went to Trader Joes tonight for Dad so I thought I'd stop in Tuesday Morning's to look at their scrap supplies. They don't always have good ones, but if you search, if you come across some good stuff!! I found these KI Memories Stamps, they were in a kit. And I found this clear Making Memories frames/embellishments. Saved $15 on the stamps alone! I'd guess $9 on the frames. Not too shabby!!

My New Baskets!

These are my baskets that will hold my cards at any craft shows I participate in. I bought them at the $1 store. They had handles and were red and black. I ripped off the handles (literally) and spray painted them white. Mom says they look like really big french fry baskets. I bought a dictionary at the Goodwill to again, rip apart. I felt kind of bad ripping apart a dictionary! And this was the final product.. I love how they turned out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Button Magnets

I was making button flowers, which I have yet to take a picture of. But I started making button magnets too. There's a magnet under the large button.

Easter Place Cards

I made these for our place cards for Easter dinner. I painted the bunnys with watercolors and made all the Easter eggs different. No two Easter eggs are alike, right? I painted the inside of their ears with liquid pearls and the tip of the paintbrushes with different color stickles.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sara's Sweet 16!

A friend of the family's daughter is turning 16 in a couple weeks and they asked me to make her invitations for her Sweet Sixteen Party. She wanted lime green and purple.. there's not many papers with those colors together, but I found this one and I knew it was the right one to use!! And the background green is my most favorite to use anytime. I buy black, white, charcoal, black and this shade of green the most =]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nathan & Travis

I made these 2 gift tags for an Alchemy on Etsy. The lady wanted 2 tags for her friend who just had twins. They came out exactly like the picture in my head! I love when things happen like that lol. Thanks For Peeking!! =]

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mucho Grande Pain

About 45 minutes ago, I woke up from only being asleep for a couple hours. Was a bad choice on my part, but I’m such a night owl! I start waking up and it turns out that my body has decided to be angry with me today. My legs hurt so very bad, as did my lower back. My whole body was throbbing to the point you flinch each time it does it. Thankfully I don’t feel like this too often, but, when I do, it’s pretty miserable. It gets to the point that I start to feel nauseous because the pain is so intense. My pain meds take 20 minutes to kick in and that’s usually the longest 20 minutes ever. My other pain meds (stronger ones) take an hour and put me back at my “normal” pain, which I can deal with. Speaking of pain meds, they have finally kicked in so I’m going back to sleep now. Hopefully the next time I wake up, I won’t feel like this!! Fingers crossed!