Thursday, June 10, 2010


I finally made a layout about our new dog.. we've had him 6 months, I figured it was time!!

Doesn't he look like a little old man in this photo?

This is for the June Pet Challenge on

I also lifted Delaina Burns's "Varsity", which you can see here

Journaling: I was placed up for adoption after my doggie "brothers and sisters" turned on me one day. Even though my owner didn't want to give me up, she knew it was best for me. I met my new owner on Christmas Eve, the day she rescued me. I had seen her here before looking for a dog to take home. I remember her pointing at me and saying "Look how cute that one is!" But let's face it, I heard that a lot! Two weeks after I was put up for adoption, I finally got to go home. I was so excited to get to spend Christmas with a family. As we rode home, I snuggled up to my new Mommy, I loved her already! When we got to my new house, I met the whole family. I love all of them! My new cousin Klayre, can't pronounce my name, so she calls me Cusffy. It's caught on and now I only get called Scruffy when I'm in trouble. Come to think of it, I get called Scruffy a lot...

It took a while to make it perfectly in a circle, but I really like how it turned out.

I think this sticker is true for all of us that have dogs!

I got these K & Company stickers at Joann's in pink, brown and blue, on sale of course!



Love how you titled the layout with her "other" name! The circle journaling us amazing! Worth the effort!

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